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4/17/2014 16:00:26
by Where's The Money Going??

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Where Does All the Money Go?????

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I tried to think of some amazing title that would get people's attention, but the title "Where Does All the Money Go????", down to the last question mark, sums it up perfectly! Where does all the friggin' money paid to these traffic courts every day of the business week go??

How much are we talking about?

Case in Point: Today I received a judgement from a judge who looks like he would be PERFECT for another, more accurate, movie version of the 'Dukes of Hazard'...on an expired, NOT suspended, tag. I had to look on Google Maps to even find a photo of the jernt (obviously the money's not going into architecture fees...jeez what an ugly jernt!). How much was the shakedown? Drum roll....wait for it...what do/would you think...more drum roll...ready...$184 furgin' dollars!! One Hundred Eighty Four frackin dollards!!! Why?? I've paid $15.00 for these in DeKalb county and nothing in others when I, of course, show that I have gotten my registration updated. They didn't even ask for proof that I updated my registration!! The judge just asks some bimbette to his right "der...what's the fee on that?". And like some backwater Vanna White she blurts out some arbitrary yet astronomical sum. HOW is this possible?

Oh, but that's just lil' ole' me. Who am I?? We'll call me Jojo...the dog-faced boy...doesn't matter. I'm anyguy! There was some guy before me...$2,000. A woman before him...$375. Another...$300. NOTHING less than what I got/paid! I ask you CITIZENS...WHERE DOES ALL THIS MONEY GO???

I wish somebody would do a documentary on this. After I post this I will secure the email wheredoesallthemoneygo@yahoo.com. I'm pretty sure I will get it. Contact me if you are a filmmaker or someone interested in exposing what MUST be the biggest line of corruption in the United States!!

Think about it. In this little hick court I got tarred and feathered in this morning...$3 or 4 Large was made in 2 hours alone!! I was there from the beginning and I would think court ended at 12...maybe it starts up again. But my guess is this rake, racket will scoop in around $6,000...and we'll only deal with those, like me, who just paid the damn robber so they could just get this farce behind them. So we'll say they took in $4,000. Now that's just the City of Stone Mountain. When you consider DeKalb Court (on Camp Cir. in Decatur) and Fulton County downtown Atlanta...you're looking at a good $20 Gs easy! That's per day...so $100 Thousand a week. Let's round that to $5 Million a year and I KNOW that is too low...and remember I didn't/don't include people who didn't pay that day (to the tune of approx 30%)...whom, as you and I know...will pay far more DEARLY in probation fees and human time in jail and doing community/FREE service you pay for!? And I say PAY your debt to society...I'm not bellyaching about some schmoe picking up partially-filled bottles of Dr. Pepper off the side of the road wearing a fashionably-bright vest. I did the cakewalk myself! I'm not talking about those who wind up in jail over a traffic incident (THAT'S embarrassing!)...I'm talking about the MONEY!!! The cashish!

Five Million in Atlanta (not counting Roswell, Peachtree, Dunwoody, Dillweedy or whatever excuse for a municipality trap these various areas have set up...it's BIG BIG money! Maybe the biggest scam going! Where does it go? How much in LA? How much in Miami? How much in New York? How much in Boston? How much in Buttf***k...what difference does it make...THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of little cities to large ones scooping in dough over traffic offenses. YES many understandable (can't say "justifiable" because nothing is really just in this country...really)...but that's not my point. Where is it going is! If you consider all of the cities in America...we're talking MILLIONS of dollars PER DAY!! BILLIONS (maybe as much as $100 to $200 Billion) per year! NOW do you see what I'm getting at?

This is money that comes directly from the American people (and illegals too!)...tax free for the city, state and federal governments. I don't know how they kick up...but the money IS going somewhere! This is money beyond what we pay in taxes for food and automobiles and land, etc. This is money paid because a cop said you were wrong (which maybe you were) and some judge says you MUST pay some arbitrary fee..in my case a TOTAL REAMJOB ROBBERY of $184.00 for an expired tag I had renewed (but, again, they wouldn't know because they didn't even ask for proof)...really just showing how this WHOLE thing is a giant shakedown SCAM...because ALL they care about is the money! But what about my streets...the firestation...the parks...the kids? Everybody cares about kids...don't they??

It can't be the infrastructure...that's eroding everywhere...potholes, crumbling streets...everywhere (except, of course, affluent areas)...

One would think that the money was going to the obvious choice...the infrastructure. The streets...the parks...the waterworks, etc. But ALL of those things are declining and eroding??? NO MONEY of any real consequence, OBVIOUSLY, is going to infrastructure! Obama said this as well. And those of you who want to blame Barack Hussein for everything can just beat it now! I don't blame one figurehead for all the problems in this country...established a LOOONG time ago by an 'ole' boy' network of fuddiduddies who, gladly...especially in the south, are now dying out. But not fast enough! And THAT doesn't matter because all the wealthy families who control the country, really families throughout the world with their populace, but ESPECIALLY in America, are hoarding the money now. NO bank loans (though the American people bailed out the billionaires...hump hump...I mean the banks)! NO extended funding for education...even for the little inner city kids. Of course no money for them...then they'd stop killing each other! NO extended funding for the creation or even the upkeep...the UPKEEP...of public parks. What does that mean? Less public parks.

So...MY question is...if everything "people"..."public" oriented is lacking...our roads, our bridges, our parks, our schools...and when I say "our" I'm talking about the 'so-called' middle class and lower-income PEOPLE...where is all the money going that is supposed to THRIVE those fundamental areas of our lives??

You want to know where the money is going? It's going UP stream! It's going to the ones who OWN the police! Stone Mountain Police Department was implicated and exposed for their corruption a couple of years back. Bribes, kickbacks, stealing girlscout cookies...again it doesn't matter...CORRUPTION!!! For what it does not matter...a brown rat and a greyish-tan rat...a fluffy rat...a greasy, slick aired rat...is still a rat! THEY WERE CORRUPT!! And they're STILL corrupt! Is your city corrupt?? How do your streets look? Are they closing down another fire station...another park..another school...trash overflowing like tumbleweeds in Tombstone?? Yeahhhh I know! Yaaaaa get me!?

So, in closing, I don't forget when people rob me and I feel robbed. I want payback! I was thinking of a cinder block through the courthouse window with a note ducktaped on it with cutout magazine letters spelling "At least I know that SOME of my money will go towards fixing this den of corruption!"...but then I remembered I am not a vandal. I'm not a thief! I'm not a rapist! I'm not a murderer! I'm not a child molester! I'm not an extortionist! I'm not an embezzler! But many of the elite who control the money in this country and world ARE! THEY control the municipal police departments, the banks, the public works, the whole shebang...it's a game for them...we're playing pieces on a gameboard.

THEY get the money...I just let me tag expire! EXPOSE THIS RAT!!!!


Expose A Rat, wen2k

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