Quantcast WeN2K.com/Malaysia Flight 17...Another HOAX in the Grand Monopoly Game??

7/18/2014 02:45:40
by AnotherHoax!!

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Malaysia Flight 17...Another HOAX in the Grand Monopoly Game??

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Everything is coming out seems like overkill! From the on-the-ground descriptions of the bodies and blood on the ground to the video of the plane explosion...supposedly AFTER hitting the ground...THIS SMELLS LIKE A HOAX!!

Why no film of the plane coming in and hitting? Did whoever was filming just happen to have his phone or

camera focused on the EXACT place where the plane supposedly hit??

WHY no streak or trail of smoke from the air to the ground....or shrapnel streaks of smoke or debris from the missile IF the impact from missile to plane happened in the air somewhere above where this explosion took place and was filmed??

The smoke in the explosion looks WRONG! The dark black smoke looks like it came from a bomb!! Whatever blew up there looks like it was primarily explosive material...no white smoke??

Can this incident be connected to massive sanctions being put on Russia?

WARS have been started for less!! WHAT'S GOING ON?



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