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2/2/2009 23:11:42
by paolaknowsme

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Who you kidding fatboy

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Don't bother telling us that your going to do harm to us. Your a liar and we all know it. You were moving, Still here. You weren't runnning for sheriff, but still did. You said your not gay, but have been shown to be. Your going to kick ass, but you never showed. You don't do drugs, but you can't put a lighter near your face due to the gas fumes you have been huffing. Your disabled, but seem to be able to physical activites that any job requires. And now your threatening someone again. Look lard ass, stay inside with your tin foil hat on, smoke some more crack, huff some more gas and stay out of the publics eye.


Expose A Rat, wen2k

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