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3/10/2009 00:56:20
by MICO Citizen

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Why are you still talking dumb dumb

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Geez you fat piece of lard. You trully deserve the name DUMB DUMB. Your fat ass can't do simple math. 43 - 24 IS!!!!!!!19. NOT "ABOUT" as you claim. Your fat ass talks about people hiding behind badges. So, your dumb ass hides from any question asked of you. When will you understand, your nothing. Your a loon. A pet molesting idiot who steals from the government by claiming disability. And your a liar. What ever happned with your "i'm not posting here anymore". It sounds like the times you quit the election, then came back. Your fat ass was leaving Miami County, but your still here. And your fat ass can't even read a traffic sign. To go straight across baptiste means you would have to make a left turn eventually. And the sign clearly says, NO LEFT TURN!!!!!!!!!!! So un-tie the sheep, get in your crap van and leave Miami County like you said.


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