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3/29/2009 21:54:20
by hlw3rd

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Too clarify, assholes!!!!!!!!

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Again assholes, I was diagnosed in 1995 and have had several Doctors since treat me for my condition. Just because I move, it doesnt cure me dumbasses!!!! I am not able to return to the work I left as a Paramedic. As too the sexual remarks, yopu guys are all dumbasses. I have an extensive medical file that has extensive Medical Labs and reports. So whocares, or should I say, Ober? You already declared that in an earlier post. Your Johnson County contacts are just as stupid as you are. I have records from Olathe Medical Center as well as other Hospitals in Johnson County. I will have a Lawyer file on you ass for Liable. I dont have to release my records too anyone. My Doctors already did that. Social Security and the Department of Education already signed a 3 year agreement with me and my Doctors. My next scheduled physical and review is 3 years from Aug 2009. I am not do for another physical or review until Aug 2012. I am allowed to fix my own property, to include my own car. I am allowed to do this because I am not doing it for employ. I am allowed, per the Americans with Disabilitis Act to run for Elected Office. The citizens/registered voters decide, not you!Would your pig ass work for less than minimum wage instead of 2/3 of your work history average? Oh yea, you feel your special! Your a fuckin fool. If the hospitals got paid, and you say I am faking my illness, why are you not turning them in as well, jackass?? I did not bill myself. I did not treat myself. I did not draw my own labs. I did not decide my own treatments. The dumbass Doctors did! You bore me, jackass!!!!! Herbert West 3rd.


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