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8/29/2006 22:03:44
by Herbert

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Fuel Saver Idea.

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I have Published at www.opinions.afreepress.com and found they have canceled and shut down all articles from the U.S.A. . E-mail me at www.west.herb@yahoo.com and I will send a copy of the original article to you. I have many articles. I can allmost "DOUBLE" your car fuel economy. The kicker, I will send it ""FREE""!! If you are pleased, send me what you want, if you are not pleased I recieved nothing!! One better:..
  I contacted the Automotive Industry with them only wanting to protect OPEC. Here is why:.
 Published April11,2006, As a Paramedic who became Disabled I have found it hard to occupy my time. I used to be an Auto Mechanic before becoming a Paramedic. In this I know cars. If you will Bare with me I will explain how this system works. On a E.F.I. (Electronic Fuel Injected) car, the amount of fuel that the engine recieves is controlled Electronically by the Computer (brain) and Sensors. These Sensors and Brain read the amount of Air to Fuel Ratio. This is the amount of fuel that is vaporized with the Intake Air thru the Airbreather. The Optimal Ratio is 8:1, or 8 parts air to 1 part fuel. This is mixed at the Intake Manifold thru the E.F.I. parts. One ot those parts is called a Air-Fuel Pressure Regulator. It is designed to either, (1) put more fuel into the E.F.I. injectors if the sensors read low fuel or return more raw fuel back to the tank if it reads the fuel ratio to rich in fuel.
(1). Place a small hard tube elbow with a needle and seat valve on the backside of the fill tube in the gas tank. Close this valve. (2). Put a fuel tube from the front of the tank inlet towards the engine. (3). Place a vacum type fuel ball in this line. (4). Put a elbow with a Needle Seat Valve on the Air Intake. Put it between the Airfilter and the Engine as close to the Engine as possible. (5). Upon placing the Scematic on the car and opening both valves this causes vapor from the fuel tank to be delivered into the airbreather. This causes the E.F.I. to return more raw fuel back to the Tank, when this keeps the 8:1 ratio, this keeps your mileage increased. This system only works on Gasoline Engines with E.F.I. Systems. Feel free to contact me at www.west.herb@yahoo.com or S.A.S.E. General Delivery, Paola Kansas 66071. I hope to hear from people soon. My Disablility is all messed up and the Government refuses to pay me my proper Disability. I hope to find a way to survive. HLW3RD. west.herb@yahoo.com P.S. as a matter of mention, """I am not responsible for your mechanic touching your car""".


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