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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Index of Information for my Campaign as Candidate for Sheriff, 2012.

**Update** August 4Th, 2011**

I withdrew my bid for Sheriff 2012 today. I will explain in full, later.

*Update August 24, 2011*

Robert Ward filed and has 14 years of respected service as a Miami County Deputy. He was fired by Sheriff Kelly and I will let Bob speak for himself. I endorse Bob and will be voting for him. As to the "Roots Festival". The City has declared Ordinance 2913, which they feel overrides K.S.A. 41-719. Well to cut to the chase, I contacted Director Doug Jorgensen with the Bureau of Alcohol Control and Sarah Byrnes, Assistant Attorney General there. They refused to acknowledge that the City Ordinance doesn't cover all aspects of K.S.A. 41-719. They are looking the other way. U.S. Senator Jerry Moran is supposed to be looking into the matter. The Kansas Highway Patrol are looking the other way. They don't see Intimidation of High School kids by Gary Patillo as a matter within their Anti-Bully Program. This is all sad. The citizens of Miami County and the citizens of Paola enjoy selling children and breaking the Law. The enjoy bribing Sheriff "DUMB ASS" Kelly and they enjoy being Terrorist. That is very sick and sad.

**Update August 5Th, 2011**

Here is the follow letter I filed to withdraw from the Sheriff's race/election.

201 S. PEARL SUITE 102


21817 W. 351ST

__{Signed here}______________________________________ ___/____/_______ {08/04/2011}.

I also provided a copy of the I.R.S. Form 3949 A I filed against him for,

{4}. Organized Crime, Kickback, False/Altered Documents, Public/Political Corruption, Wagering/Gambling, Other.

{5}. TY 08, 09, 10, 11.

Are records available? YES. Do I consider the taxpayer dangerous? YES. I will be scanning the documents later and attaching the letters here.

Here is the letter I faxed to U.S. Senator Jerry Moran.

TO: U.S. Senator Jerry Moran
P.O. Box 1154
23600 College Blvd Suite 201
Olathe Kansas 66061
Phone: 1(913)-393-0711
Fax: 1(913)-768-1366

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt
Memorial Hall, 2Nd Floor
120 SW 10Th, Street
Topeka Kansas 66612
Phone: 1(785)-296-2215
Fax: 1(785)-296-6296

Comes this July 22Nd, 2011, as requested by U.S. Senator Jerry Moran's staff, in Olathe Kansas, I am submitting the following, "Fax of Concern".

I am a Candidate for Sheriff in Miami County Kansas. I have witnessed the breaking of the Law by the current Sheriff and other Elected Officials in County as well as the city of Paola in this county. Every year they hold a "Roots Festival". They breech K.S.A. 41-719 and give Campaign Contributions as Bribes to the Sheriff and the other Candidates. The Sheriff refuses to investigate and he supplies the security for the Festival. Every year underage kids, below 18, come to the Festival and meet people thinking they are safe because it is sponsored by the City of Paola and the Chamber of Commerce here. When they leave with these people they are "Raped". Gary Patillo is who set up and runs the Festival. He is a K.O.S.E. Board Member in Unit 3. K.O.S.E. is the Kansas Organization of State Employees. He is pictured at (See attached). He is the black man with the glasses on. His family member is the B.A.C. Agent in this territory. He refuses to stop the breech of K.S.A. 41-719. (See attached). People are allowed to bring in their own Alcohol and consume it. They are allowed to remove it with them as they leave. This includes, "open Container's". Sheriff Kelly is also a Miami County Republican Committeeman. I have called the F.B.I., K.B.I., A.T.F., U.S. Attorney's Office, U.S. Federal Attorney General in Washington, and the Media. They all stated, "Their hands are tied". Attorney general Schmidt refuses complaints from constituents. He only allows complaints from Sheriff's and District Attorneys. If they are corrupt, we are told, "Vote them out, until then there is nothing that can be done". Sheriff Kelly also is on many "Not-For-Profits" here. He gets paid by those groups and then uses it as Campaign Funds. He allows Illegal Gambling here and the States looks the other way. The City of Paola does, "Pure Vegas" each year. (See attached). It is held September 18Th. They force an admission and then they do table games etc:.. They pay out on Casino Game winnings. That is illegal per K.S.A. 21-4302. (See attached) through 21-4308. I don't feel the Attorney General should have the right to deny citizens of Kansas the activation of the K.B.I. to investigate breeches in State Law. A.G. Schmidt used Miami County Commission Chair Pretz for his A.G. Candidate Steering Committee Campaign, in 2010. I have filed numerous complaints with the evidence against the corruption in this county and no one has yet to investigate them yet. Also note, Sheriff Kelly committed a felony during the 2008 Election Cycle. Yet he was allowed to remain on the Ballot as a Candidate. I wrote an article, "I am the Legal Sheriff of Miami County Kansas". (See attached). I feel that bribes and corruption need to stop. That cannot happen until an investigation is activated. I am hoping that the Attorney General can be forced to activate the K.B.I.. He should not be allowed to block investigations and uphold corruption and bribes. I am also hoping a R.I.C.O. Act Investigation can be facilitated. I further been harassed and lied on by Sheriff Kelly. He falsified a report against me and had the F.B.I. for, "Sexual Exploitation of a Child" and stated that, "Society" was the victim. I was in a trauma Unit at Overland Park Regional Medical Center when he did this. The F.B.I. cleared me but the State still has the report tied up in the Subpoena Protocol. Citizens cannot read the end result that cleared me, just the allegation. Then they committed "Double Jeopardy". They delayed my "Appointment of Treasurer". to re-investigate the report. That is "Double Jeopardy". The report is finalized and was finalized before Derek Schmidt became Attorney General. I have a lot of concerns and evidence. I am just going focus on the Alcohol, Bribes, and Illegal Gambling here in Miami County Kansas.

Herbert West 3rd-R
Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012.
21817 W. 351st
Paola Kansas 66071


I filled out the Appointment of Campaign Treasurer Form today, {July 6TH}, and became a Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012, again. I had resigned earlier this year, CLICK HERE. I am still a Registered Republican, as of July 2010, and I still put issues above Party needs. I keep seeing the current Sheriff, Frank Kelly, CLICK HERE, and HERE, and HERE, who is refusing to listen to the people of this county. His kids are also out of control. See HERE. And read here, http://www.kssos.org/forms/elections/election_standards/ChapterIV-Candidates.pdf I want to give the people of Miami County a voice. I am up against the County Attorney and County Commissioners who refuse to listen to the people also. I am going to use this campaign to communicate and expose the corruption in this county. I am willing to talk with my fellow Miami County residents and I am willing to facilitate what they desire. That is more than they have now. I will be going around and collecting signatures from the registered Republicans so I don't have to pay the filing fee to be on the Primary Ballot in 2012. I need around 287 signatures but will be collecting 350 to 400 signatures. Herbert West 3rd, Republican Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012.

July 08Th, 2011.

Lets look at this jail, again. $6.4 million dollars? If the current expense to "Farm Out" detainees is being done at a cost/expense of $240,000.00 a year, then how will an added burden of $6.4 million dollars fix the problem? If you divide the $6.4 million by the $240,000 yearly expense then you will see it would take 26.66 years to match the burden. If it is so cost effective to build new larger jails instead of "Farming Out" detainees, why is it that the other Counties are not building jails? Lets say that Miami County builds a $6.4 million dollar jail. Then the other Counties build or expand their own jails. Then what are we going to do with the empty $6.4 million dollar jail? No Sheriff controls any other County but the one their elected to run. I have not heard of anyone complaining about the "Farm Out" expense so far. Only when, "Special Interest Dumbass Kelly", wants to steal tax budget funds. I might understand a slight increase in Personal Property Tax or a County Sales Tax to help with the $240,000 a year in "Farm Out" expense's. I have found that the cities also pay a fee and house their detainees in the County Jail. Is there discussions towards any city sales tax increases? The kicker, he, the Sheriff is responsible for figuring in the expense of "Farm Outs" and everything else, in the Sheriff Office Budget. He seems to have neglected his responsibility by not planning ahead. I don't see a valid problem as stated. The County Commissioners cannot force the cities to pay more for housing city detainees. They can negotiate and ask, but they cannot force them to pay a rate without each cities approval. I am glad we have a year to discuss this issue and others. I am worried that the Sheriff will push this matter through and hand a, "Burden From Hell", to the next Sheriff after he looses in 2012. I don't feel he has the right to decide the budget for the next Sheriff. I feel any and all extravagant expenses should be on hold. I don't feel that any extravagant expenses should ever be ascertained, especially during an election time frame. I should have the Elected Right to decide the budget and the structure of the Sheriff's Office as and when Elected. He is Dictating it right now. He needs replaced. I am willing to do what needs done and I am willing to put wants on the back burner. Remember what he said in 2008, "We don't need a new jail". Jim Mitzner was pushing for a new jail then. Sheriff Kelly used the premise of a new jail against Mitzner. Now he is stating the same thing? He is an, "Opportunistic Ass". He only says what he feels he has to say, to please people so he can remain in Office to steal and to deny us a proper Sheriff. The Deputies are doing what they can. I plan on removing a couple when elected. I am not retaining Minckley. He is, "Gun Happy". He breaks the Law, by not enforcing the Law. He follows and dictates illegal orders. I will be allowing peer review after I am elected. I am asking anyone right now what they feel about the current staff and any concerns they have. I have always been a team player. I might not agree with the peer review and I might not agree with the majority of the Miami County Resident's. But as an elected official I will have no choice. That I can offer. He doesn't. He refuses to listen to you. He hears the words, yet his actions tell you to, "KISS OFF". Again, $6.4 million divided by $240,000 is 26.66 years. It would take how many years to pay off this jail? Then it will need replaced. The tax will never go away and it will only increase. It won't fix the problem, because the problem is being distorted for personal agendas. Again, focus. He is responsible for the entire Sheriff's Office budget. He is not allowed to separately tax the Jail. It it is not a, "Free Standing Department". Again, how many Deputies and Jailers will he have to hire at what expense to properly staff a 90 bed jail safely? 10 or 20 Deputies and Jailers at an average of $45,000.00 a year each is $450,000.00 a year for 10 and $900,000.00 for 20 new employees and their training. Right now we pay $240,000.00 a year to, "Farm Out", detainees. He wants $6.4 million for a Jail and $450,000.00 to $900,000.00 a year for new wages and training yearly!!! Tell him "NO", sign my petition so I can be on the Ballot early and then we can do the "Cease and Desist Orders". They are explained below. If I have to pay the filing fee, I have to wait until next year to finalize my filing because his Gross Salary Percentage will not be disclosed or declared until closer to June 2012. That is to late. We need to stop him now.

July 9Th, 2011.

Consider this. As a Candidate for Sheriff I can use the problems that Sheriff Kelly has caused or has refused to address. What are some of these??

1. "Illegal Evictions". Without District Court Hearings. K.S.A. 58-25,102. All that is required is a "Cease and Desist Order" signed by the majority of the Registered Voters of Miami County Kansas. As a Candidate for Sheriff I can draft this, collect signatures and serve the County Clerk's Office with a, Demand of Serve". I am allowed this as a matter of using these illegal activities as a, "Campaign Platform", matter.

**Update** July 20Th 2011.

See http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2011/01/where-are-we-now.html and http://kansasgovernorcandidateissues.blogspot.com/2009/09/i-see-bigots-please-advise.html and http://wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=2307 http://holyshitmiamicountykansas.blogspot.com/

2. "Roots Festival". It is illegal to allow or promote the consumption of Alcohol in any public setting outside a Private Building into a public setting in Kansas. See HERE. Also read K.S.A. 41-208 HERE. It states, "No City or County shall enact any Ordinance or resolution which is conflict with the provisions of the Kansas liquor control act and such ordinance or resolution shall be null and void". Also see K.S.A. 41-719 section {3} {4} {i} {j}. "No person shall possess or consume alcoholic liquor inside the premises licensed as a special event that was not sold or provided by the licensee holding the temporary permit for such special event". It is illegal It is illegal for the Sheriff's Office and the Miami County EMS to assist in any illegal activity. All that is required is a "Cease and Desist Order" signed by the Majority of the Miami County Voters as the City is allowed to illegally use the Sheriff's Office and Miami County EMS. Those agency's are County tax based and County Commissioner regulated/governed. As a Candidate for Sheriff, I can write the order, collect signatures and serve the County Clerk's Office with a, "Demand of Serve", to stop the abuse of our tax revenue and County services. I am allowed this as a matter of using these illegal activities as a, "Campaign Platform", matter. Further remember, Sheriff Kelly accepted bribes as Campaign Contributions from this Festival as well as from Pure Vegas, the illegal Casino Function in Paola. I consider his receiving of "Campaign Contributions" from these illegal activities would be considered taking "BRIBES". Oh, isn't Gary Patillo still one of the Sheriff's Office's Treasurer of some sort? And he is on the K.O.S.E. Kansas Organization of State Employees. He is listed in Unit 3. He is the bald black man in this photo, CLICK HERE. He is using his State influence to get away with breaking the Law. Here is the list of his sponsors this year, CLICK HERE . Then click onto the sponsor list above the Application Icon on the left. I am contacting these businesses and sponsors as it is an illegal Festival per, K.S.A. 41-719 {4}. I called the sponsors and the FBI and I am waiting to see what is going to happen.

*Update July 21st, 2011*.

I called the Kansas Bureau of Alcohol in Topeka Kansas today and referenced the K.S.A. 41-719 breech. They are looking into the statute breech. I also called the Democratic party as some of the Republican Candidates are receiving contributions as bribes. They are looking into the matter also.

August 09/2011.

I hand delivered the above letter and complaints to the Paola Chamber of Commerce. I will keep you updated.

3. "The Jail and its Task Force". Sheriff Kelly refused to allow anyone who opposed the Jail to be on the Task Force. He used County Taxes to facilitate this so called study. I can write and serve a "Cease and Desist Order" as a Candidate. All it requires is the majority of the Registered Voters signing the order and then it is served upon the County Clerk demanding the, "Cease and Desist", of the abuse of our tax money and the abuse of power by Sheriff Kelly, against our wishes collectively. I am allowed this as a matter of using these illegal activities as a, "Campaign Platform", matter.

July 11Th, 2011.

I received a rude e-mail from Teresa Reeves. She is currently the Miami County Republican Chairwoman. I had called her at work on Friday and she told me she was not allowed to discuss Republican issues at work. I told her OK. She told me she would get me a copy of the Registered Republicans for my petition later and asked that I not call her at work with Republican issues again. I told her OK. I then went to the Parties website and found the following information,. I then received an e-mail from Teresa stating, "I was not to use her personal e-mail and I was not to contact her at her home". "She further refused to furnish me a list of the Registered Republicans as she had communicated she was going to do". I find it odd and disturbing that she is "Helping Sheriff Kelly and the County in support of his campaign and the Jail". You might notice Commissioner Rob Roberts, is the Parties Treasurer. Sheriff Kelly is a Precinct Committeeman. I do not appreciate her lies. I only called her once and she stated, "You cannot not call me at work". I have not called her there since. I left her a message on her phone as listed on the GOP website. I e-mailed her at the website listed. I called her Supervisor this morning and addressed my concerns and I am filing a complaint with the County Clerks Office today.

July 12Th, 2011.

I filed my concerns with the County Clerk yesterday and I spoke with Clayton Barker. He is the Executive Director of the Kansas State Republican Party. He is also their Chief Counsel. He is at CLICK HERE. He is sending me a Voter Vault List so I can collect signatures for my Nomination Petition. I also find it disturbing though, that Teresa would abuse her Office position with the County and try to block access to the Jail Study meetings tonight. I guess it is just typical Miami County Corrupt Politics. I will see everyone soon. They cannot stop us.

Also see this new web-post I found. http://wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=4964

July 14Th, 2011.

I went to the Sheriff's Office to address my concerns with the Sheriff's Office getting involved in illegal activity in regards to K.S.A. 41-179 and the "Root's Festival", and was confronted by Administrative SGT. Talcott who was his typical loud mouth belligerent ass. He refused to address the problem. Sheriff Kelly and Under Sheriff Minckley were not available. I went to David Hegler, Miami County Counselor and to David Miller, Miami County Attorney and I contacted the A.T.F., F.B.I. and the Kansas B.A.C.. I will let you know what comes of this situation. I want to disclose who i am not planning on retaining when I make Sheriff and why.

1. Under Sheriff Minckley, he pulled a gun on me because of the actions of another who committed an Elude and Flee and then refused follow up because he knew the person and knew the person was wanted. The person is Dan Jennings. He further refused to update the Breaking and Entering, Burglary, report when my Boarding House Room was Broke into. He further took my Shotgun, which I was able to get back later. He then help falsify the report against me on my computer and he refused to add that my computer was destroyed before he helped get it to the F.B.I. and he refused to update that quite afew of my collectible LP's were stolen. Minckley was rewarded with the Under Sheriff's position. Read the links above and it will reference my complaints about him. I am not retaining him when I make Sheriff.

2. Administrative SGT. Talcott. He refuses to Enforce the law. He assisted in my illegal eviction and keeps shooting his mouth off at me. He is a loud mouth arrogant ass who is not professional and he refuses to Enforce Law. He is a "Sheriff's Buddy Brown Noser". I refuse to retain him as he is dangerous and corrupt.

3. Retired Under Sheriff Schmidt. I am not retaining him, even at his current reserve status. He feels that American Indians and Mexicans are, "Spic's" . I have a ZERO TOLERANCE for BIGOTRY!! He even told me, "If I don't like being called a SPIC or treated like one move out of his county". He did this on Good Friday 2010 at the Sheriff's Office. He was pissed because I filed State complaints against my landlord, Al Massoth, who called me a SPIC and gave that as a reason for an illegal eviction. That is case#H1362-10, filed with the Kansas Human Rights Commission. Schmidt is a member of the Knights of Columbus with Al and they both go to the Holy Trinity Church. I am not against, the Knights of Columbus or the Church. I am against Mark Schmidt, Sheriff Kelly and Al Massoth.

July 14Th, 2011.

I purchased a 2 week ad in the "Read It Free Paper" today. The ad's will be on the back page of the paper.

July 19Th, 2011.

I am hoping to hear from people after the Read It Free ad comes out. I am using my Disability Income to communicate right now. I will need to shut down communicating as much for the month until August, if I don't get any contributions. It cost me about $3.00 a day to come into Osawatomie and use the computer and phone. I don't need much in contributions. I just need something. I realize the election is not until 2012. I can expose and stop a lot now. I just need contribution help to do this. I also need 287 signatures from the Registered Republicans in Miami County. If your interested in signing the Nomination Petition or contributing, e-mail me at west.herb@yahoo.com I can set up a place for us all to meet or I can come to you. Thanks either way, lets win and stop the Jail, Illegal Alcohol, Corruption, Illegal Evictions and out right, Kelly Bullshit.

*Update July 21st, 2011*.

Well get this. Per the Secretary of States Office, "Sheriff Kelly is allowed to steal from my Campaign because he is the current Sheriff". I wrote the Pro Tem policy for Shift Supervisors becoming Pro Tem Under sheriff's. Kelly used it to sabotage my campaign. I don't feel it is fair he is allowed to use my campaign and its contents for his benefit. Again, when I make Sheriff, a few people are being released from the Office/Department.

**November 08, 2011***

See http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5050 and http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5044 and http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5043

**Update November 12TH, 2011**

On November 10TH, 2011 I re-filed and am again a Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012. I will keep you updated. Also see some of these newer posts, http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5027 http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5043 http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5044 http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5045 http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5019 http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5023 http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5022

I also posted this article about corruption in Paola Kansas. CLICK HERE

Jim Mitzner waits an entire year to complain about allegid Herion, Methanphetamines, and Marijuana sales in his neighborhood? He also, waits until he is appointed to the Osawatomie Housing Authority? He really is sick!!!! http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5068

I retracted my endorsement of Bob Ward for Sheriff and I have filed a letter removing my name from his petition. See it CLICK HERE. It is self explanitory.

And read, "The 2006 Miami County Kansas Jail Study". CLICK HERE It catches Shane Krull in a lie! Also see http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5092 I keep seeing the County Commissioners and the County Administrator pampering the Cities and refusing to represent the County Residents. Lets read HERE and HERE. Also see the newest update about the Jail. CLICK HERE

I don't see many people wanting things to change in Miami County. People enjoy getting screwed and they enjoy loosing. Seems pretty well the norm here. I hope some things change. I hope Georeg Pretz is replaced in 2012. I hope Rob Roberts is replaced in 2012. Shane Krull needs to go. I hope people will finally decide to take back their county. As I stated above, see my letter I read and served at the County Commission Meeting. CLICK HERE

**Update December 3rd, 2011**

I will be writing a FEMA Incident Command Protocol/Program. I will updtae here when it is complete. It does involve my company, Marketing Matters HLW3RD DBA. I mentioned it here do to disclosure. My company is seperate from my campaign for Sheriff.

**Updated December 5TH, 2011**

Miami County Kansas Budget Reports. CLICK HERE And then after I argue all day, they finally psot the 2012 budget. It doesn't include the elected officials salaries, so the candidates cannot finalize filing. Sheriff Kelly runs the elections still??? CLICK HERE.

Also see this update, CLICK HERE.

Well today, December 14th, 2011, the Miami County Commissioners will finally disclose the Sheriff's salary. I will need to raise 1% of his declared gross salary. If he gets $100,000.00 I will need to pay $1,000.00 and the State $35.00 filing fee and the $45.00 background check fee. I will be beginning the process of collecting contributions now that I can state what the contributions collected are for. I refuse to collect contributions and not be able to justify what the contributions are for. I feel that I need to disclose to the contributors what the money is for. I need to justify the amount collected and it needs to be justified when I ask for contributions. We will see what happens today. I will get this up and going through Decemeber and I might have to wait until January do to this being a heavy holiday month and the end of the year. I was told his 2012 Salary is $69,655.17 and that the filing fee will be, $731.55. That is 1% of his 2012 Salary, $69,655.17 and the State $35.00 filing fee. So I will be raising the $732.55 filing fee soon. Thanks and stay in touch.

This website is being used, for free, as an "In-Kind Contribution". Herbert West 3rd Campaign Treasurer, for Campaign Candidate, Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012.