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11/4/2006 19:34:47
by Herbert

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Political help!!!

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I am going top open an office, again called SNITCH. Situations, Needing, Insightful, Tactful, Caring, Help. I will collect as follows. Anyone can come in and pay me $5.oo cash to send their check to Topeka or the National Republican and Democratic Office's. For example, if someone gives me $5000.oo for either a candidate or the party of their choice I will except it for $5.oo and give the Check to Topeka or the National Office's. If they refuse the check I keep the $5.oo and if they except the check I keep the $5.oo. I will also collect letters for any Goverenment Person. I will except them open unsealed. I will send the letters to them and this will cost you $5.oo. I can not promise their response but I can promise they will recieve these checks and letters to review at their discretion. I have the time and fortitude to get this done. I will also be pushing for http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=952 to go thru. I can deliver the checks and letters faster than the 90 days it takes with the Post-Office. I will stay in touch. Please take the time to communicate with me. Herbert L. West III www.west.herb@yahoo.com Pre-Presidental Candidate for Nov 2008.


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