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11/5/2006 05:16:20
by Herbert

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Stem Cell Research.

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I realize that alot of people are undecided over Stem Cell Research. We could get into all the indifferences forever. What to look at, we are all the same and have something in common. Mainly, Tech Medicine. Examples:.. (1) Cesarian Section Births. (2). Ambio Centesious. This is when the Doctor pulls fluid from around the baby while in the whomb to test the Fluid for the safety of the mother and baby. What people do not know is that all Ambionic Fluid has "Stem Cells" in it. We all lived in this fluid for 9 months, avg.. Alot of us had our enviroment tested and we were not directly harmed. This fluid is tested after we are born and the rest is discarded. We could use this for "Stem Cell Research" except it has to be on the Law Books First. Think about all the Medical break-throughs we have. (A). We used to taste Urine to test for sugar in the Urine to see if someone was a Diabetic. (B). We again found PCN in Molded Cheese. (C). We have IV's. (D). We have Meds from Plants and Minerals. (E). We have Immunizations and Vaccines. (F). We get blood from one another. (G). We have test tube babies. (H). We have Heart and Organ transplants. (I). We use Leaches to get rid of blood clots. (J). We use Maggots to get rid of Infection. Etc:.. Please VOTE ""YES"" on Stem Cell Research. They need the Law on the Books to save lives. Maybe someday your own. Thanks again Herbert West III Pre-Presidental Candidate Nov 2008, Disabled Forensic Paramedic (Cancer), Journalist www.west.herb@yahoo.com www.helpthegop.gop.com/ P.S. To Mr. Fox, hang in there and thanks for taking the time to care about people before and after you got sick. This is something that the Opponents can never take from you. Stay you, and keep swinging. "PEACE"!!


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