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11/5/2006 16:10:29
by Adolphus

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Stem Cell Research, Cloning & Our Government!

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OK - now we're getting somewhere. I see relevant topics are being discussed here. I applaud the poster "Herbert" for bringing these issues up with his posts...and wish him continued success in his endeavors. You seem to be a genuine person with a REAL passion for what you believe and are trying to do.

Of course we need stem cell research. If we endlessly worried about the bad things people WILL do with technological advancements - we would still be running around sniffing each others' butts (OTHER THAN for pleasure you sickos).

What can we expect from advancements in stem cell research? The sky's the limit! Cloning? I have a friend who put the idea in my head that Hitler and his cronies were some of the first to master cloning...NEARLY 70 YEARS AGO!! God only knows what's creeping around in some corner of the planet. These same friends tell me that "if you see it in a movie or read about it somewhere...it's probably HAPPENING somewhere"! My guess is that human cloning IS happening! The Raelians, a group that created a company called Clonaid - and whose founder claims to be a direct descendant of extraterrestrials who created human life on Earth through genetic engineering, claimed to have "created" Eve - the first "official" human cloned baby girl. We all know that cloning is REAL...with the official 1996 "creation" of "Dolly" the sheep.

Does "Eve" exist? You tell me! Do I beieve "Eve" exists? Not necessarily. But I do believe "Adam" and/or "Eve" and some other strange creatures that have resulted from human cloning HAVE been created off the books, and have either been walking around, been carried or have been oozing (sorry state of living) in some secret location for years!! Maybe you will live to see a day when you have an accident with...or are robbed by...or are even sued by YOUR clone!!

Do you have ANY doubt that our government has absolutely NO morals whatsoever? Are you that vacuous? Are you that naive? Human cloning is something the politicians "say" they don't or wouldn't do. They "say" it is reprehensible. But if you believe for 1 second that our government isn't hiding many, many realities from us...including the existence of advanced extraterrestrial life (I'm not going out on a limb and saying "aliens" or "UFOs" per se...I'm saying "advanced extraterrestrial life")...then you are a damn fool! Yes a fool!! Here's an idea...why not CREATE a constituency...as opposed to swaying or paying one off!?! Why not create an army...maybe even an army of human gorilla hybrids that can't think or revolt...just DO!?!

The other night I saw Roseanne Barr on 'Real Time With Bill Maher', and she made the statement that our (current) government inherently believes that the end of the world IS happening and that it is their mission to bring it about!! I am paraphrasing here, but I thought her statement was very interesting. It solidified a thought I've been having for weeks...wondering why is this administration, and politicians in power for many, many years, in general, so damn devilish?? Do they think, in their twisted form of religious beliefs, that it is their "right" and "duty" to bring about Armageddon?? I find this easier to believe when you consider the fact that they are insulated from the pending turmoil. They have access to the money, the bunkers, the advanced technologies, the space shuttles, the secret retreats...THE POWER!

It is US, the regular guys, who will stew in the aftermath! Plus, the old farts will be long-since dead when the REAL horror comes! Really ponder this possibility! Could this be reality?? Look at how they act! Look at Bush (whom I can't even preface with the title of "President" anymore) and how he used the Carey "joke" as a tool to make ALL democrats look bad. Look at how fast Bush jumped on Carey's "mistake" (I don't believe it was a direct insult to the troops, but more a bad, ill-delivered "joke"). If "the President" can jump so quickly on a botched joke...why did it take his administration so damn long to jump on the human tragedy in New Orleans? No Kanye, they don't care about black people. They don't give a rat's ass about ANYONE who doesn't oil or produce parts for the machine that keeps them in power!

And guess what!? They (corrupt politicians and people in power) don't WANT the masses to vote either (not to say that your vote will actually count after their tampering)!! If the masses don't vote...be damn sure that their minions of republican cybermen will produce the desired voting affect! But it IS good to, at least, throw a blanket over the fire even if you can't dowse it with water. In other words...we can't just lay down and let them have their way without SOME voice of disapproval! If you just haplessly lay there you WILL eventually get a stiff one in ya...with no lubricant!!

So...Stem Cell Research (even with the negative, inevitable side affects)...Yes!

Admit it...you will be the first in line to replace your lung if it's due to conk out in two years. But forget about a lung...you'll pay top dollar for a new layer of young skin on your face (see the movie "The Island"...though it will probably be better if the clones have brains, if any, analogous to the monkey-men prophesied above). But beyond these more superficial aspects of human cloning...why would we pass up the chance to be healthier...or to live younger longer...or to be (dare I say it) immortal?? I'm not speaking of what is morally right or wrong here, but the human instinct to survive and expand! The morality comes into play when the price tag put on this technology (controlled by big business and politics) excludes the young boy from the ghetto who's born with the heart abnormality.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and lying, rat bastard politicians like them who don't give a damn about ANYBODY but those who create and maintain the "Frankenstein" that will eventually and completely destroy (after they're long gone) the human race...HELL NO!!!

The troops in Iraq, God bless them, are like "oil clones"!! Expendable pieces of fresh meat keeping the machine fed with new, young bodies pumped in one end...and grinded out like programmed hamburger patties to ensure, protect and satisfy the interests and the endless flow of big money to the voracious oil companies (making record profits while gas prices rise...just wait 'til after the elections when they start rising again!)...and for the gluttonous defense contractors making insane profits from weapons manufacturing and the outsourcing of military goods and services! It's fucking sad! And what's even worse is you still have morons who will back the/their president no matter what!!

WAKE UP!! EVIL DOES EXIST IN THIS WORLD!! YOUR/OUR protection is the absolute last consideration, if it exists in even the remotest way at ALL, in their game plan. YOUR/OUR protection, if you remember, was the reason given for this war!! We (The Bush administration) spit on Bin Laden's land a few times for show...you know...when we shot off some fireworks in the mountains of Afghanistan to satisfy our anger over 9/11. And then we were TOTALLY fooled into believeing that Iraq was some sort of immediate threat! NOW we are just losing American troops day in and day out! Cheap hamburgers to Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney et al...precious, irreplaceable sons, daughters, brothers and sisters to US!!

But what I mainly want to relay with this post is that (for those of us who are still pretty young and who will have to live in this world for quite a time to come) we simply CANNOT continue to live as if "everything is everything". I want to be happy. I want to be proud. I want to believe that my life means something. I DON'T want to say "the hell with you"...or resort/resolve to just overlooking the problems of society...and the fact that some child is STILL starving or being prostituted in this "modern" world of ours!! Who am I or you...no matter how much money we have...to benefit from technology while others are manipulated and sacrificed for it? NEWSFLASH...THIS is why we have the mounting problems we have today! The economic disparity! The grotesque economic disparity that infects ALL levels of society everywhere!

Take a stand! Make a stand! Or just be carpeting...but don't complain or cause a stir when you get soiled from being walked on!


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