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11/10/2006 20:05:35
by Herbert

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Honky Heart Prevails!!!!!!!!!!

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I am completely shocked that the Senior Lawyer, or Cheif Counsel, Larry Thompson, tanked on my request for help. I have been stomped thru by the Media in Kansas City Mo. and I figured that him being the "Former Assistant Federal Attorney General would be helpful. I was wrong. He is a pasive bribe taking "HONKY HEARTED ASS"!!!! He forgets where he comes from. Or should I say where we come from. Those who work and buy Pepsi Products!!!! He feels it is ok for FOX4 in Kansas City to LIE and treat people horrible. I was hoping he would help me thru the Pepsi Charity. I hope people ""BOUYCOTT PEPSI AND ITS SUPPORTERS!!!! He gives me the message, as I see it, my dying is ok. Kansas City Bribe money is more important than peoples lives. I hope he gets sick just so he knows what it is like to be human. He should be removed from Pepsi but they won't. He is outwardly ""BLACK"", a token, bought and payyed for!!!! A Honky Hearted ASS!!!! The Money's Slave!!!!!! ""I will Die a Man Before I LIve The Life Of An Exceptable Slave, Guaranteed!!!!!!!!!!!"" I hope to get help from a Proper Source soon. Please contact Pepsi and voice your concerns. Contact them at www.theo.olmer@pepsi.com or Pepsico.com Herbert West III www.west.herb@yahoo.com


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