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11/11/2006 07:38:54
by Herbert

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Armistice Day, what it states.

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Veterans Day used to be called "Armistice Day". In 1954 we started calling it "Veterans Day". This originaly was established as a rememberance of Nov 11th 1918, when the Armistice of arms was declared in "WWI", as an anniversary. As we have progressed in time we have used this day to "Remember" or "Honor" all Soldiers/Veterans of the Armed Forces. Unfortunately, we only seem to Honor or Remember them once a year. We Remember them when they are used in the Media as a tool to "PAMPER" President Bush at their "DEMISE". We remember them when we go to a Movie and pay someone to be our HERO, who acts like they are a "SOLDIER". We remember them when they complain they are getting their benfits. When remember them when they are upset because they are told no. We refuse to give them what they are to have. We complain that they "CHOSE" to be a Soldier. If they did not what FREEDOM would we have? NONE!! President Bush makes choices based on his "PERSONAL GAIN"! We should chose a President in this next Election, that, listens to us out of commininity not "Masta took the time, up yours, i'm special"!! Bigots have been here, since here has began. We will allways Kill each-other, it is sad, but it is Human Nature. Diplomatic Approaches involve us all, not just the President. He uses us against eachother for his profits. How many "DEAD, WOUNDED PEOPLE/SOLDIERS" do we "OWE" him for his "PERSONAL GAIN EXSPENCES"?? You raise your children to be TARGETS, they celebrate their 18th and 19th Birthday by playing catch with BULLETS and WAR TOYS. I do not want to loose sight of this article. We should thank our Soldiers/Veterans while they are "ALIVE". We should remember them while they are "ALIVE". Do our part to be an American and VOTE properly/wisely. Refuse to watch our Soldiers be thrown to the side. Refuse to allow our 18 and 19 year old babies to be "Personal Gain Tokens"!!! Stand up and exersice our FREEDOM. Refuse to BOW to FAKE HEROS. Respect and Observe the person, not the Uniform or Office. Give respect when deserved and refuse to waste it when it is not earned. On this Veterans/Armistice Day I Respect and Honor ALL those who are DEDICATED to preserving our FREEDOM!!! THANK YOU and I will allways do what I can to assist you in keeping you, "ALIVE" and "FREE"!!! Herbert Lynn West III Pre-Presidental Candidate, http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=952 , www.west.herb@yahoo.com , www.helpthegop.gop.com/ Contact your local Military Base/Office and thank them everday. "PEACE IS A TEAM APPROACH", I'm suited up, YOU????


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