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11/14/2006 04:13:07
by Herbert

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I am probably the post that is talked about that had the racial slur. I meant no dis-respect towards this persons race. I only feel that if a African American can call me a BIGOT and conduct themselves under the same premise or worse thatn they too can be a BIGOT. I do not feel anyone should be allowed to use their Ethnic Background to be allowed to step on others. I am still upset that Pepsico states it cares. It gets tax deductions for charity yet refuses to conduct its charity office for people. I keep hearing how Africans are proud of this African American. Yet he has the right to forget about the needy to include African Americans. I acknowledge the comment Honky Heart was harsh. I only wanted to point out that anyone can be a BIGOT, African, White, Indian , Irish etc:.. I have asked many companies for assistance for years. They use their charity offices to tell me "NO". My former employerr owes me $300,000.oo in Backpay Disability. I figured a big company like Pepsi would be interested in helping a Former Paramedic who got cancer and to help expose the Media who also uses their Charity Offices abusively. I was wrong. I got angery and tried to explain that People can be BIGOTS regardless of their so-called allowed Ethnic Background. For the record I am American Indian/Irish/Danish by decendance. I hope people consider why I was and am still mad and consider BOUCOTTING any Company that uses peoples grief for profit and refuses to follow the Charity Guidelines. Herbert West III west.herb@yahoo.com


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