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11/15/2006 04:17:30
by Herbert

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Lie's and Breech of Rights.

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Military.com removed my rights to blog, do to I am not allowed to state " Anything of a Negative Tone against President Bush"!! I feel this is "CENSORSHIP"!!! I am tired of the Government telling us what to do and when to say what we feel and that we are only allowed to say what they want to hear. Military.com is not Federaly Endorsed. They in this, should not be allowed to use or declare Military Statis!! President Bush is self centered and only wants "Personal Glory at the Demise of our Troops"!!!! Please again choose well when using Military.com . I will be sending this e-mail article to the US Army. I hope that they review it to see if Military.com is legit or not. Thanks as allways, Herbert West III, P.S. Lasttime the Homeland Security arrested me and said I was allowed to speak my Opinion. They are greatly mistaken. I did not threaten anyone, I only refused to give false praise to a Terroristic President!!!! It is "ABTRUSIVE" to BLOCK my Constitutional Rights as a American Citizen and a Pre-Presidental Candidate"" from blogs. HLWIII Pre-Presidental Candidiate Nov 2008. www.west.herb@yahoo.com


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