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11/4/2018 00:26:05
by LadyMadonnah

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DCA Sodium Dicholoracetate for Cancer Treatment & AutoImmune disorders really works!

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Safe - effective - proven! 1000s are in remission using DCA
DCA - sodium dichloroacetate - was initially & still being used for infants with a genetic lactic acidosis, a condition where the blood has high levels of lactic acid. The DCA inhibits the enzyme pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase which causes a major shift in metabolism from fermentation to oxidation in the mitochondria2

Its been prescribed for this purpose for decades and is safe and effective for babies thru adults!

Another important finding by Dr Mikelos of the University of Alberta, is its ability to shrink tumors and cancer cells without harming good cells! Its not expensive and can be purchased without a prescription offering new hope to many patients seeking supplimental or alternative treatments for cancer, sarcoidosis and other immune issues.

Many call it a miracle drug, as terminal cancer patients lives are being extended, some indefinitely who have gone into remission and owe it to their usage of DCA. People report from all over the world and clinicians are also reporting complete remissions from many forms of cancer.Studies on underway in many places globally and DCA is becoming one of the preferred alternative treatments for many types of cancer.

More clinics worldwide are now administering it with supplements alone and some along with conventional cancer treatments as it is safe to use and doesnt intefere with most other meds.

Taken with Vitamin B1 Thiamine helps prevent temporary side effects such as peripheral neuropathy.
Taking detox breaks in treatment such as taking it one day on and one day off, or taking for a week on a week off, or a month on and a month off, depending on the severity of the cancer stage, has kept it safe for everyone using it. Detox time is important to prevent the possible onset of Tumor Lysis Syndrome [ which csn happen from a build up of the dead tumor cells that the body needs time to expel] thus taking days off to detox is one important step each has to take.

We follow many of the studies & stories of DCA on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DCACancerTreatment/

You can join also our facebook group at

where you can find links to man the hospitals, clinics , patient blogs and others currently discussing DCA and its benefits, as well as how to dose it according to your symptoms and body size to use.

People seeking to buy DCA for themselves or loved ones have been purchasing from several proven sources online such as DCA labs and the DCA site, Medicor and others.

The cost varies but the product is great and its far less cost than any conventional cancer treatment. Many have actually stopped other forms of treatment and have gone into remission with DCA & Vit B1

Others use DCA in combination with Metformin as both synergize the other and the results in ovarian cancer patients has been phenomenal. The combo is now being tried on other cancers as well. You and your health care provider decide to use DCA is still one of the best options for achieving remission that you can find anywhere in the world today.

For more information look up DCA online and visit sites like http://www.martincwiner.com/dca/
This is NOT a snake oil product as some doctors initially feared, until they began to see the results!
This is a medically sound approach to destroying cancer cells while not harming good cells and more and more people are using it with positive results.

Here are some of the most reliable suppliers to obtain DCA from :

"DCA Labs" produces pure DCA in the EU https://www.dcalab.com/products/sodium-dichloroacetate-dca-capsules-500mg
DCA 500mg capsules x 60 = $85
DCA 500mg capsules x 120 = $159
DCA 500mg capsules x 240 = $289

"Pure DCA" was among the first to offer DCA online and can also be ordered at https://puredca.com/store/ They offer a kit as well as assorted doze sizes and powdered form for those who prefer to measure out their own dosage. They also offer supplements to go with it. a 60 day kit includes :
1. DCA 333mg capsules x 180
2. B1 Thiamine 375mg x 90
3. Personlized How to Use' instructions
Currently on sale for $249.95

"Medicor" https://shop.prevent-cancer.ca/product/dca-500mg-28-capsules/
DCA 500mg capsules x 28 = $262

Another very reliable supplier, "Peter Stebbins", from the UK also ships globally. He provides low cost "GoVitamins Pure DCA" that has been tested and approved through high UK medical testing standards. It is imported and manufactured by China under the brand name of GoVitamins.
Contact Peter direct at govitamins87@gmail.com ~ for questions or concerns or current discounted pricings being offered. His products generally arrive in about a week to the US and other countries depending on delivery schedules.
To buy GoVitamins DCA 500mg capsules, simply email & place your order & payment direct to Peter's PayPal account at stebby87@gmail.com
He is reliable and his service is fast.
Be sure to include your full name and shipping address along with your preferred contact information .
Current Prices are:
DCA 500mg capsules x 60 = 28.99 USA $ 38.00
DCA 500mg capsules x 100 = 45.99 USA $ 60.00
DCA 500mg capsules x 200 = 84.99 USA $ 110.00
DCA 500mg capsules x 1,000 (10 x 100) = 399.99 USA $ 519.00

[All the above are reliable sources for obtaining DCA. I have personally purchased from Peter Stebbins and my Sarcoidosis has improved drastically - sarcoids under my skin have disappeared - also 2 cysts and multiple lesions have vanished from my liver ! ]


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