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11/27/2006 23:23:20
by Herbert

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Welcome to the"Pre-Inaugural New Members of the 110th Congress", as of Nov 20 2006, (1). Altmire, Jason PA 4-D,(2). Arcuri, Micheal A. NY 24-D, (3). Bachmann, Michele MN 6-D, (4). Bilirakis, Gus M. FL 9-R, (5). Boyda, Nancy E. KS 2-D, (6). Braley, BruceL. IA 1-D, (7). FL 13-?, (8).Carney, Christopher P. PA 10-D, (9). Cathy, Caster FL 11-D, (10). Clarke, Yvette D. NY 11-D, (11). Cohen, Steve TN 9-D, (12). Courtney, Joe CT 2-D, (13). Davis, David TN 1-R, (14). Donnelly, Joe IN 2-D, (15). Ellison, Keith MN 5-D, (16). Ellsworth, Brad IN 8-D, (17). Fallin, Mary OK 5-R, (18). Giffords, Gabrielle AZ 8-D, (19). Gillibrand, Kirsten E. NY 20-D, (20). Hall, John J. NY 19-D, (21). Hare, Phil IL 17-D, (22). Heller, Dean NV 2-R, (23). Hill, Baron P. IN 9-D, (24). Hirono, Mazie K. HI 2-D, (25). Hodes, Paul W. NH 2-D, (26). Johnson, Henry C "Hank" Jr. GA 4-D, (27). Jordan, Jim OH 4-R, (28). Kagen, Steve MD WI 8-D, (29). Klein, Ron FL 22-D, (30). Lamborn, Doug CO 5-R, (31). Lampson, Nick TX 22-D, (32). Loebsack, David IA 2-D, (33). McCarthy, Kevin CA 22-R, (34). McNerney, Jerry CA 11-D, (35). Mahoney, Tim FA 16-D, (36). Mitchell, Harry E. AZ 5-D, (37). Murphy, Christopher S. CT 5-D, (38). Murphy, Patrick J. PA 8-D, (39). Perlmutter, Ed CO 7-D, (40). Roskam, Peter J. IL 6-R, (41). Sali, Bill ID 1-R, (42). Sarbanes, John P. MD 3-D, (43). Sestak, Joe PA 7-D, (44). Shea-Porter, Carl NH 1-D, (45). Shuler, Heath NC 11-D, (46). Smith, Adrian NE 3-R, (47). Sutton, Betty OH 13-D, (48). Walberg, Timothy MN 7-R, (49). Walz, Timothy J. MN 1-D, (50). Welch, Peter VT at Large D, (51). Wilson, Charles A. OH 6-D, (52). Yarmuth, John A. KY 3-D.
  Please contact them at www.firstgov.gov . Congratulate them and give them your support and concerns. They are more than willing and eager to fix our problems. Without us telling them they do not know what we feel or what we want fixxed. I have great hopes and confidence in this group. I hope the Remaining Members listen to them as well as to us. We have a great opportunity to take back our country. I would like to take this time to personally thank Pre-Inaugural Congresswoman Nancy Boyda from Kansas. Her Staff is very kind and very helpful. If Congress follow's her lead and allows her to follow theirs, her Moral and Caring approach will Salvage America and Humanity. I respect her so much, I just might become a Democrat instead of a Republican. I have discussed this and have not done this for one reason. She is a Democrat, but, she is also a ""People Party Member"". She has shown me that Party Lines are important, but People Lines Matter the ""Most""!!! Again Congratulations to all and goodluck. Pre-Inaugural Congresswoman Boyda is at www.change@nancyforcongress.com , judy4boyda@sbcglobal.net , thomas@nancyforcongress.com , firstgov.gov , Thanks again Herbert West III Pre-Presidental Candidate for Nov 2008. www.west.herb@yahoo.com


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