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12/17/2006 22:55:24
by worldlibertybell

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World Liberty Bell

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Help Christina M. Vahlsing build the WORLD LIBERTY BELL! Make a $100 sponsorship;
and we will engrave your name into the Bell's commemorative plaque.
Please pass this on to your Associates and Friends.
“If you want WORLD FREEDOM come ring the BELL!” and Promote and Educate WORLD FREEDOM.
Ms. Vahlsing is manufacturing a special beautiful “WORLD LIBERTY BELL” to symbolize World Unity and to promote Global Freedom. The “World Liberty Bell” will go on tour around the world in 2007; and we can ring it in each Country. Help build the WORLD LIBERTY BELL! Make a $100 sponsorship. To cast the World Liberty Bell: $250,000 is the expenditure. The "World Liberty Bell" will measure about 82" diameter (at the mouth of the bell) and will weigh about 12,650 lbs and cast to a musical note G. Attached to the Bell’s apparatus will be a commemorative plaque; which in script / engrave every ones names that makes a $100 sponsorship per fifty characters.

To include your name on the World Liberty Bell commemorative plaque via the Internet go to:


Christina M. Vahlsing / World Liberty Bell
CHRISTINA M. VAHLSING Producer of the World Liberty Bell / Liberty Bell Festivals

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Words to inspire World Freedom…
Freedom! Freedom! Liberty! Freedom!
What is freedom?…
What is freedom to you?…
To me freedom is living and sharing the earth with everyone;
And respecting that my freedom ends where your freedom begins.
If you want to change the world;
You must first start with yourself.
Can we over come jealousy;
Can we over come hatred.
No one can bring your understanding to another but yourself.
No one can speak your words and convey your meanings but yourself.
Each of us is dissimilar;
Each of us is unique;
Each of us is odd to each other.
Each of us is unfamiliar to another until we can over come….
Over come some of our own challenges….
Can we over come deposition?
Can we over come fear?
Freedom is a given;
Is a natural right to you; as like all living things born onto this Earth.
Is your desire to protect freedom for yourself?
To stand strong to the challenges.
To defend…FREEDOM.
To practice…FREEDOM.
To custom yourself with others freedom.
And respecting that your freedom ends where my freedom begins.
Each of us is meant to be different; everyone is fallible.
We can not pretend freedom for ourselves and impact restrictions on others.
A majority can not vote out an individual’s freedom.
Can you see freedom for you?
Can you inspire freedom to others?
Will you protect another’s freedom?
Are you up and ready for the unforeseen challenges?
Can you over come and practice freedom here, now, today!
You have the power of understanding.
Grab Freedom!…Grip it!…Firmly, tight; and never let anyone take it from you.
When the world is free; there will be peace.
Written by Christina M. Vahlsing for the World Liberty Bell / Liberty Bell Festivals

Avow Liberty throughout; from corner to corner, universally, unanimously, across the world; our world with one future, FREEDOM!

"Conscious freedom brings physical peace!"


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