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1/6/2007 18:39:57
by blackchatnoir666

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I have an outlet that has no place to go
i feel like i have fireflies waiting to escape my body they push against my inner body wanting to feel the cool air wanting to fly to be free
i seem caught in the middle of soemthing or maybe some one. like I am being pulled so far away through this tunnel to be exposed in rays of light
I feel like this world has to expand to fit me. through my soul to keep me grounded to hold me
I need a good push in the right direction so i can pick my feet up off the floor
All these wonderful ideas with no energy to respond it tires me
My mouth seems to wander away even before my tongue spurts out these words
I dont even feel the words or the letters
Cynical am I? Do i smell for flowers before i reach a grave? is this my destiny? to have all these words, paragraphs phrases running in my mind like a small child outside playing
was i always like this? am I bitter? My keyboard has faded letters
my body trembles like trees being pulled in all sorts of direction not willing to go
bent, withered from rain or snow
you all bore me
i read into things far too much though im usually right with my instincts
i do have feelings u just have to scrub for them like a dirty spot on ur body with soap
are u alright are you okay? why cant you just be you accompanied with all the feelings that u feel?
like you are going on a trip with bags packed
why does there always have to be something wrong
my hands are so cold but my body is much too hot
I try to swallow, all i feel is a lump
Im not like you


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