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1/10/2007 23:22:53
by asmit04h

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Some Facts About Ramen Noodles

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I am an upcoming entrepreneuer. At times I have no money and rely on cheap foods to get by. Well, on a couple of my broke days I resorted to everyones favorite, cheap meal; Ramen Noodles. After 2 days of eating these delicious noodles, my feet swelled up. I was feeling so lousy, I actually stayed off my feet for one day and drank a whole lot of water. The following day I looked at the sodium content of the Ramen noodles, which was 900mg per serving. In order for me to determine how much sodium that really was, I looked at a package of mild cheddar cheese. A 1 /4th cup of this cheese (a single serving) has 180mg of sodium. I also looked at a package of Lipton soup, a single serving has 540mg of sodium. So, for two days in a row, I ate one package of ramen noodels each day, which amounts to 3600mg of sodium in 2 days. This discovery has changed me a little.

I used to be a cashier at Kroger long ago, and as a former student, I know how people buy Ramen noodles. What is scary, however, is the amount of people who eat these regulary and thus are putting themselves at risk for high blood pressure, which leads to strokes, blindness, etc.

The makere of the Ramen noodles is a Japanese gentleman by the name of Momofuku Ando. He just died yesterday, 01/10/07, or I just heard it yesterday, he could have died a day or two before. He was 96 years old. I also heard early this morning that there is a book out called 101 ways to make ramen noodles. I am telling people this because the noodles themselves is not where most of the sodium is. Most of the sodium comes from those CUTE LITTLE FOIL PACKAGES:).


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