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1/11/2007 00:30:34
by asmit04h

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Abraham Lincoln A CrackHead?

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Some months ago, in Springfield, Illinois' State Journal Register newspaper, the above photo of Abraham Lincoln was pictured. The caption below the picture reads: SJ-R correspondent Tara McClellan McAndrew may have uncovered the answer to whether or not Abraham Lincoln got wigged out on cocain. According to the ledger of Corneau & Diller, a popular drugstore in downtown Springfiled, someone from the Lincoln family purchased 50 cents worth of "cocaine," among other medicines on Oct. 12, 1860. The photo illustration was by Ted Schurter/The State Journal-Register.

When I saw this picture I just laughed. I immediately said,"That looks like a picture of Fredrick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln merged together." WHAT DO YOU THINK?


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