1/12/2007 13:28:03
by twirlh

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y sister had a received an Optimus MPEG4 Digital Camera for Christmas from a friend of ours that they had purchased at Radio Shack. She took pictures, but pictures turned out blurry. We tried adjusting the camera, but it didn't help. So she took the camera back to Radio Shack and told the woman "I had received this camera as a gift for Christmas. (the person who gave the gift put it in a shoe box to try and trick her.. so we did not have the original box) the pictures are blurry.. I have tried adjusting them, but it doesn't work. The person that gave me this did not supply the receipt.. so may I exchange this for the same camera, or exchange it for the price of the camera for something in your store.. or even a store credit?" and the woman said, "haha, no you cant exchange this gift without having some kind of receipt" and my daughter said "since when did people start sticking in the receipts with a christmas gift? Personally I think that's a little rude" ( I personally know that Radio Shack DOES give out gift receipts BECAUSE I PERSONALLY went into the SAME Radio Shack to bring in an extra phone battery I had bought for my house phone.. and didn't have my receipt... and they said I could exchange it for something else, or I could get a store credit.. so I exchanged it for something in there store!!!) So I called the Radio Shack and a man answered.. and I said "Hi, can I please speak with your manager"? and he said "we dont have a manager here".. I said "so who is running your business" and he said " I'm not going to talk to you" and i said "EXCUSE ME???" and I said "YES! you will listen to me" .. and I proceeded to tell him the camera was a crappy camera.. that didn't take good pictures.. and he said "WELL WHY DONT YOU CALL GIFT SERVICE AND TELL THEM WHAT A CRAPPY GIFT YOU HAVE"..(those were his EXACT words) and THEN he hung up the phone on me!!! So I tried calling back 2 times, and no one answered! I was HOOOOOTT at this POINT!!! so i went back to Radio Shack and went in the store.. there was people waiting in line, and i went straight up to the guy who was at the register and said "where you the one who hung up on me earlier? I would like to speak with the man who hung up on me and told me that i should call gift service and tell them what a crappy gift my gift was" and he said "im going to have to ask you to leave" i said, im not leaving until i speak with the man who hung up on me! and he said, im going to call sercurity! and said, WHAT? you cant do that! and i said , you know what? whatever! and said this is not over.. and walked out of the store crying! well come to find out, they called the cops on me as soon as I asked to speak with the guy who hung up on me.. ( I dont understand what i did wrong.. because I wanted to know why there workers hang up the phone on customers.. and i was going to get the mans name who i had spoken with over the phone and the managers and owners names and phone number to contact them and tell them what had happened.. I just cant HARDLY believe they treat there customers like this! this is POOOR MANAGEMENT!!! This radio shack is located in the:
78-6831 Alii Drive
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
(North Kona District)

NEVER shop in Radio Shack! I had also called the woman who gave the gift to her, and she said that unfortunately, she didn't have the receipt .. and that she couldn't BELIEVE how they treated me! so my sister is stuck with this camera that doesn't work..

I have a witness that was with me that heard the conversation and had seen everything!


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