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1/14/2007 04:27:06
by Herbert

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True Motives and Intentions.

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We seem to allow alot of lie's to guide us and run our lives. I have witnessed throughout History the beating and enslaving of the Human Spirit as well as the Human Body and Soul. I have watched people give their lives and watch people forget why. I have saw Blacks Die because Whites felt "Nigers" were wrong. I have saw Whites Die because Blacks felt "Honkies" are wrong. What is more sad is that people profit from this. The Government trives on suffering and turmoil. They instigate and profit from pain and loss. They do not see black, white or brown, they see green. They do not believe in God or Accountability. They feel we enslaved ourselves by voting for them. I do not remember when or how it came about, that slavery was again, acceptable. Current decisions are being made at the exspence of the lives of others. The War in Iraq, the War in America. Congress lie's to us and we forget our families and friends who died to give us the Freedom to ask to be a Slave??? This is stupid and needs to stop! We seem to stay busy and let Trolls walk on our rights and rekill, assault and rape our ancestors. I do not need to remember where I came from by having a "BIGOT" Government remind me they want to be my Masta! Kansas and the Federal Government refuse to disclose that the Auspis of War is being misused to steal money and personally gain at our exspence. They are stealing from and killing us do to we trust them because we forget our pasts and feel they are our futher. We raise our children to be blind and en-slaved. We feel Blacks and Indians gave their lives and we honor this by getting paid from the Masta how killed them and tell our ancestors they could have lived to get paid by the Masta. They are disrespected and crapped on by us daily. My ancestors Died so I could learn to be a Slave?? ""NO""!!! I have protested and communicated my refusal to Bow to the weak Masta. I have been attacked and they Coward to any one who refuses to Bow. I seem to be standing alone lately. I only hope that someday people remember where they came from by looking at the past so it doesn't repeat itself. "I will die a humanbeing before I live the life of the exceptable slave, guarnteed!! Take the time to honor those who hung barb wire and were burned to death do to being Black and Indian. Tell the Honky Masta to, "Kiss Your Human Ass"!! Write each-other and Congress. Demand accountability!!Express yourselves and honor your past and those who died and are dying to give your the choice. Respect your past and enjoy your futher. Someday, in the place of waiting we all will be waiting to atone for our sins and see the ancestors and others that have lived and died before and with us. They will be of a human spirit and will not have atoned for their sins do to the waiting of Gods return and the return of us all as Gods people back to the earth. Secure an imortal futher, and be prepared to answer to our ancestors and fellow humans, prior to Gods atonement. Not to the level of Honoring a God before Thee but yet, respect of our fellow man. We can not change that we were born, thru a Free Will we choose the path of Mortality VS. Imortality. Refuse to Honor Mortal Man as a God and stand tall, Buck the Masta, the Bully needs to grow up!! Herbert West III, American Indian-Baptist, Journalist. www.west.herb@yahoo.com , http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=1095 ,


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