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1/14/2007 10:39:22
by Mentalkayse

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Directv scam for DishNetwork subscribers

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I recently called Directv interested in switching from Dish Network. I called the number listed on their website and talked to a guy. When I told him I was interested in switching, he got excited and promised all kinds of deals.
He gave me a few websites to go to and told me to print out the forms, mail them in with copies of my bills (first month for direct, last month for dish) for the rebates at a total of $42.97 for 10 months, $52.97 for 5 months after, and $56.97 for the remainder of our service, great deal, huh?
After I got the directv dish installed, I tried to get these offers but the websites said I was unavailable so I called back and was informed that I wasn't eligible for any of these discounts and the best they could do was $49.97 a month for 12 months and $59.97 a month for the remainder of our service.
Oh, and that was after they took off the Starz and Showtime package that was originally included in the $42.97 deal.


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