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3/27/2007 20:51:12
by Ave

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Ave Hurley Illustrations NEW ONLINE GALLERY OUTLET Prints & Note Cards on Sale!!!!

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Due to popular demand, Ave Hurley has framed signed limited edition prints of her artwork available for the very first time at very affordable prices!...Any of her works are now available for $40 and in reduced size framable note card formats.....Check it out!!! new paintings and illustrations are being added frequently to this ever growing collection... you can buy a copy of a fabulous painting or pen and ink illustration in minature form for a few dollars!!!! or you can but a whole galley worth for a fraction of the original costs...
This is perfect for those who interior decorators who are furbishing clients in all areas of industry.... for doctors, lawyers, dentists,real estate offices and more... An excellent and tasteful choice of fabulous artwork that is still in limited edition authentic form at at price that wont last long and at a value that will only increase as time passes... a great investment in the arts and future..
Go now to " www.AveHurley.Etsy.Com to purchase your art now!!!
Also for those who want art on their clothing and house wares, limited renditions are offered on : http://www.cafepress.com/avehurley
To view a larger selection of Ave Hurley's artwork , some for sale and some not go to :
www.avehurleyillustrations.hothere.com or
email Ave directly at avehurley@hotmail.com
urgent requests at ave1954@msn.com


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