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10/28/2007 10:55:39
by Herbert

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Updates, Clarifications and Eye Openers!! Herbert West III Publisher/Journalist

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I have stated that Kansas and Miami County are dirty. No-one seems to believe me. Ok, lets look at others articles and current events. Missouri-s Governor Blunt, filed Laws Suits against the Northern States to justify the exspence of surveys too study the potential damage done if the Northern States released too much water into the Missouri River Systems. In this he was able to survey Missouri and Kansas. Why Kansas? Point A is North, Poibnt B is South and lower than the higher altitude of point A. In this Kansas knew where the over flow of water would go. They also knew that the biggest declared reason was the dykes and levees in LA are messed up do to Katrina. They had not fixxed the infrastructure yet. This puts the flow into Kansas and doesnt giver a place for the water to recede. Kansas buys up the land thru the Sheriff Sales and the City Counsel being partners in the Realtor Companies here in Miami and Linn Counties. Some Auction Companies also have these connections. They put in CUP Agreements and get State Grants for developments then flood the area in Miami County and Linn county as well as Coffeyville Kansas. Coffeyville gets a huge grabt Federal Assistance to convert their plant over to Ethonal Production. Miami gets to Reappropriate a huge grant that was to be for a huge North Osawatomie Government Complex. They fraud the valuations of the land they stole thru the Sheriffs sales and depresiate the land that others owned. They then refuse to give FEMA Aide and those people are still lost. Linn county and Miami County have something in common. They are both in the same State District and Both Sheriffs are Appointed by the Kansas Governor. Both had a huge flood loss. Both are stealing and padding the funds for personal agenda. The Army Corps of Engineers helped launder these funds. The Paola Armory was warned of this happeniong by me. I told them of the ILLEGAL CUP Agreement and that it would flood the are when the blocked the areas for the ILLEGAL Resivoir in Miami County. They verbally jumped on me the otherday. There is a O.C. Tom Frazier Osbourne that runs that facility. There is a T Frazier and a Tom Osbourne who keeps spreading lies about me here at wen2k.com. The Governor declared a State of Emergency to halt any law suits against the Counties and the Personal Agenda RICO Act individuals here in these counties. We need to step up and remove the corruption in these counties and States. Please read and consider filing against these CROOKS!!! Vickrey became the House Minority Leader/Speaker in Kansas. He is from Louisburg. So is the Linn County Sheriff. Sheriff Kelly is up for reelection in 2008. We need to replace him know or then. We need to also be aware of Federal Judge Sebelius and the U.S. Attorneys who are distributing and excepting bribes. The only reason they havent arrested me and charged me is that they cannot. If I filed against them someone else would have to review my claims. This would not be manipulated or controled by them. They dont want this. Please remove them and save our State and rejoin the United States and stop walking away from the Union and its Soldiers in Iraq. Herbert West III Publisher., west.herb@yahoo.com


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