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11/29/2007 15:18:48
by fjbaptiste2002

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Negligent Rude Ripp Offs

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Merchant welded my glasses supposedly and returned them to me UNINSURED knowing the post office will not reimburse themn or the customer for lost packages. Greg, the manager at the company told me they REGULARLY have packages LOST through their post office and hold no responsbiloity towards the customer. When my package was lost with $300 glasses, the owner NEVER called me back with over 2o attmepts to rech him. He's always supposedly out of town and doesn't give a care about the customer. Although the package had a tracking number, the post office told me the cusotmer the package was never insured and they weren't resonsibile to pay me back for the value of the glasses. NEVER deal with this company They are thieves. They didn not even credit my credit card for the $45 cost to weld the glasses! They are negligent, irresponsible and don't care ANYTHING about the cusotmer. All they want is your money. I wonder if they fixed my glasses at all and sent them at all because the tracking number was obtained througbh the internet. The post office told me there was no evidence this item was ever sent. MAybe they just wanted my money. Under the Better Business Bureau they have several unresolved compliants and haven't even bothered twice to my Better Business complaint. This company should be put out of business as the customer is worth nothing here. Do yourself a favor and STAY CLEAR OF this company. They are not worth the time of day and the manager Greg simply dodges for the owner and the owner uses Greg as a shield to do his dirty work as he rudely just does not return cusotmer calls. Its shameful that an owner can act in such a fashion and that Greg is such a punk he works for a creep like that. Truly shameful.


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