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12/15/2007 11:30:07
by Herbert

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Stanton Hazlett and his staff, Alexander M. Walczak take bribes and are idiots!!!

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I filed a complaint against a city attorney because he broke the Law. The State Disciplinary Board refuses to intervene because they are taking bribes. I was told by Deputy Disciplinary Administrator Frank D. Diehl, to file my complaint with them because it falls in their jurisdiction. I did this. I got a letter back that states, My case is a criminal appeal. The city attorney has total discretion to retry my case as well as I had/have the right to appeal the decision of the criminal judgement. The dumbasses couldnt read I have never had a criminal charge or trial in municipal court!!!! It is a damn traffic ticket!!! How the hell can I appeal a criminal case decision if I never had a criminal case charge or trial?? Stanto Hazlett refuses to do his job because he works for the Governor. He decided to protect his paycheck and take bribes instead of doing his job. They allowed the case to be changed to a criminal case to protect the idiot Tetwiler. I do not have a damn criminal charge!!! Please be careful in Paola and Miami County as well as the rest of the State of Kansas. The kicker, this is the same dumbass that will be letting AG Morrison get away with sexual misconduct and adultery. I will be resubmitting my complaint to the U.S. Attorneys and the media. I am tired of bribe taking idiots!! Herbert West III, Publisher/Journalist. west.herb@yahoo.com 913-294-9375


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