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12/17/2007 20:06:47
by T Frazier

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You still didn't answer my question

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Your argument that you made about Ruby Tuesday's hamburger wasn't that they used a name you had created for a burger but that they stole your recipe. I understand that people can name a burger whatever they want to as long as it is not copyrighted. So, I ask you again, was your recipe copyrighted? I am assuming probably not and therefore, Ruby Tuesday's can do whatever they want to and unfortunately if they copyright your recipe, then you would actually break the law if you created their burger and sold it as a creation of your own. I know you're smarter than this so I will give you a mulligan for the argument that you just gave me. READ my argument thouroughly before making your argument Herbert. Never once did I provide an argument based upon the "name" of the burger. Just the recipe which is what your initial argument actually was. As for the Kelsey Smith thing, I read some information that had you involved in the case that I received from an anonymous source. I know that you all criminal charges were dismissed however my question that I have is how did you get yourself wrapped up in that situation in the first place. Someone made a mistake and obviously it wasn't you. Just wondering. There's no negative connotation linked to my question. I am just curious.

T Frazier


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