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1/14/2008 08:37:04
by Herbert

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2nd post again. Question? Herbert West III, Publisher/Journalist.

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Who controls the absenty ballets of the troops overseas? Kansas got beefed up when the bases closed across the U.S.A.. Does this give Kansas the manipulated caucus votes? How about the primary and election votes? How does the troops absenty votes figure in? Which caucus gets their votes? Which state gets their primary votes and election votes? I hope Kansas doesnt have total say so and the United States has to follow this form of Dictatorship! E-mail the kansas Representatives and confront them. They are at www.kansas.gov . They are listed under Legislature, then go to the House icon. E-mail the Pentagon and ask them. E-mail CNN and ask Anderson Cooper, I did. Herbert West III, Publisher/Journalist. west.herb@yahoo.com


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