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3/18/2008 01:14:49
by Herbert

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Question?????? Herbert West III Publisher/Journalist.

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If people use recipes in contests and a large part of the score in judging process is ORIGINALITY, do I have the right to be upset when they win on ORIGINALITY when they stole the concept or idea from me or others???? The FoodNetwork allows people to say their recipes are ORIGINAL and get Points for ORIGINALITY. I came up with Cheese Burger Reubens. Some lady said she developed them and went on the show with my recipes, sauce and all. The BBQ Shack says he ORIGINATED DeepFried Baked/Smoked Chicken. I published both recipes here at www.wen2k.com Guy from the Food Network allows others too steal recipes. The kicker, Bobby Flay also did this. He is calling my French Toast, Kentucky Browns. He is plagarizing my recipes. This is unfair and ILLEGAL. Under Apostille I am upset and hope the Food Network CORRECTS its Mistakes!!!!!!!! TGIF needs to also disallow plagarism. What if I use their recipes against their permission?? That would be wrong!!!!!! Herbert West III west.herb@yahoo.com See alot of my recipes further down here at www.wen2k.com .


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