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3/20/2008 01:06:36
by Herbert

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Updates and hopes. Herbert West III.

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I had called a friend and he told me too contact the ATF and I did. I feel that Tear Gas Guns can be modified to shoot Fire Exstinquisher Compounds. This would allow safety service personel to fire mortors or canisters with Exstinquisher Powder into cars, buildings and other confined spaces from a safer distance. Most cars that are on fire with someone trapped in them are death traps. If personel could fire these canisters into the fire at a safer distance this would be cool. It would save lives and help reduce danger to personel. I hope too hear from the soon. Herbert West III, west.herb@yahoo.com I contacted them about a month ago. I e-mailed them at the ATF.com or ATF.gov site.


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