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4/13/2008 13:14:03
by Herbert

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More recipes/Opinions from Herbert West III.

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1. Try gravy on cornbread/pancakes. Use a combintion of pancake batter and cornbread batter. fry these up as pancakes. Put on sausage gravy instead of syrup. You can also use chili or ham/n/ beans.
2. Remember to put your sauces under the skin before you bake or smoke your chicken. This puts the sauce into the meat.
3. Fry up chicken livers, okra, onion rings, green tomataoes and any other vegetables. Bread/batter these first. Cook these firts. They will absorb less chicken oil if they are precooked. Stuff these in your chicken before baking it.
4. Use cream soups in mashed potatoes instead of gravy or butter. It is very good.
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