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5/6/2008 01:48:52
by Herbert

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I am not a Homosexual!!!

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Just becasue I believe in freedom of Speech, Expression, and Opinion, in all aspect of life, doesnt make me a Homosexual. I decide to run against a screwed up Sheriff in Miami County Ks., and his weirdos come out and try to falsely dis-credit my posts here. I have never in 41 years of my life, going on 42, slept with men. I am over weight, yea. I am still communicating with the people invloved in the Kansas Peace Officer Process. I will be finalizing and getting my paperwork done. I will be communicating with voters and I will get mixxed reviews. So will Sheriff Kelly. People who live here know that I am, who I am. I have nothing to hide. They ave eachother and others who live here to communicate with. All said and done, the truth is there and they will get a chance to vote on what they feel is best. Herbert West III, west.herb@yahoo.com Again, the citizens of the county who know me, and know the people around me, know the truth.


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