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5/6/2008 12:29:37
by Herbert

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Name one, asshole!!!! Herbert West III possible candidate for Miami County Sheriff.

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I am not a homosexual. I find it odd that you and a few people are trying to preserve Sheriff Kelly as the Sheriff of Miami County Ks. Why?? He is never here. He is at the KCMO and Village West Entertainment Districts non-stop. He is paid $66,300.oo a year to not have to be here. You are not getting his money, so what are you getting? He refuses to investigate Unregistered Sexual Predators in this County. He refuses to investigate sightings of missing persons. He has not reasons or excuses other than one!!! He is involved!!!! Where do you fit into this? When he is away, what kidnapped baby are you fucking? I have had it up to here with your Bull Shit!! This Saturday I will be at the Mayth 10 Car Show which is supposed to be Cops against Crimes. I feel it is an avenue for Pigs and you to shop for babies!! I feel you dont have a regard for the citizens of Miami County. you are afraid of lossing the connection to babies that Sheriff Kelly grants you. You know I wont do that. How the fuck can I be a homosexual if I have kids? From there, I will let the opinions of the people reflect upon my becoming Sheriff. they know me and if they dont, I have lived here long enough that quite a few people do know me and can give their opinions. So, why bother talking with a coward like you? I will not be following up with you because you twist it to justify raping babies and sucking ass with a crooked Sheriff!!! Also, uyou seem to post when I talk with County Clerk Peckman. She needs to be carful in helping to slander and liabis me and my possible campaign. She can be removed and out voted this year!!! Herbert West III Possible Candidate for Sheriff Miami County Ks. west.herb@yahoo.com . June 10th is the filing dead line. We will see what happens. see http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=1054 and read up on Price Chopper and Sheriff kelly, Mike Hunt.


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