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6/26/2008 01:46:46
by joe4sheriff

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Correction for Mr. West.

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My error, I ment to say there are several cities in this country that span over two counties. KCMO, joplin Mo, New york city and if you check a map, you will others as well.
I never said Spring Hill officers have jurisdiction in Hillsdale. I also never said I was going to give any personal info on the deputies on a web site. A quick biography is where their from, how long at the department. I never said I intended to fire the deputies. You keep saying that as if eventually it will come true. I intend on giving the deputies the recongition they deserve. So once again, I DO NOT INTEND ON FIRING THE DEPUTIES!!!!!!!!!!
As for mugshots, wants and warrants, they are open to public record. How do you think Amierica's Most Wanted got so famous. Check out the FBI"S ten most wanted list. Or even check out the local news or newspaper
The clark case was in Miami County because the crime happened in Miami County. So David Miller did have jurisdiction. This is what everyone is talking about Mr. West. You intend to try and change laws that you don't agree with. And as Sheriff you can't. You start arresting people you will find yourself living in your truck because you will have been sued so much.
You read something that says one thing, but take it in different directions. As for Pally, I am not familier with her. However it does appear that she is in law enforcement by the way she talks.
As for why you haven't heard of me is unknown. But I can tell you that I have a reputation as being an officer that went out and did my job. I have been in the Miami Republic many times.
So Mr. West, call who you want, nothing will change. Everything that you see as unjust or illegal is not.


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