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7/8/2008 11:19:35
by Herbert

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Rogers, and Mitzner are running on plagerism and stupidity!!!!!! Herbert West 3rd. Democratic Candidate for Sheriff.

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 I had elaborated here greatly on my platform and ideas to structuring the Sheriffs Office in Miami County Kansas.
1. Continuing Education:, I suggested to the Highway Patrols IA/PSU, about 10 months ago, the following structure. It had since been worded for Deputies.
  a. The Deputies could teach eachother and follow the C.E. Course or Module. This would be recorded and viewed by an Instructor or Training Officer. It builds communication skills and breaks the bordem of just sitting thru the same routine material everytime.
  b. It would be available in a 2 form Open and 2 form Closed format. 1 Open Form, is where any Deputy within the Office/Department can take the C.E. at that scheduled date/time. 1 Form of Closed, is when the C.E. is closed by Rank within the Office/Department. The second Open Form, is where another Department/Office or Agency can ask and come to the scheduled C.E.. The second Closed Form, is where another Department/Office or Agency can come the the C.E. by designated Rank.
  All classes would have to be preapproved for Core Curriculum and Accredidated Content, by the Training/Instructor Staff. The Instructors/Training Officers have the discretion of either viewing the tapes or sitting in the C.E. session. This form of C.E. helps build confidence, comuunication, shared leadership skills, and can pin point subject matter/concerns by Rank and Intervention Ideals. I find it very upsetting that Mitzner wants to call this HIS idea. He is trying to use my platform, which is my resource. He is not allowed to use my resources to run for Office.
 Lets look at some of his other ideals, 1. 50% cheaper Uniforms. Ok, if the county spends $100.oo a year on 30 Deputies Uniforms, that would be $3000.oo. They only buy the Uniforms as needed. Maybe 1 to 2 sets a year. $100.oo to $200.oo. If Mitzner becomes Sheriff, he wants to replace the Uniforms. 30 Deputies at $50.oo each is $1500. $1500.oo to follow his plan, $100.oo or $200.oo to follow the current plan. Where is he going to get $1500.oo out of the budget? If he hires more Deputies, that is $50.oo more a Deputy. He wants to spend more to save money? 2. I want to hirer some of the reservist into part-time positions and up into full time. They already have Uniforms. When they are hired the County doesnt have to buy more Uniforms. And as to who buys Uniforms anyways, when I went thru EMS, we had to puchase our own Uniforms. That is thru the Uniform Companies, Galls etc:.. The Patches are furnished, and some of the marked jackets etc:.. Each employee recieved a quarterly/bi-annually/annual allowance. It wasnt much. I always furnished my own scrubs, etc: while I worked in the ICU and ER at the Hospital. I had to purchase my own Boots, Trauma Pants, and the color/type of shirt required by the Ambulance Service, on my own. 3. Mitzner and Rogers both are complaining about Painting Police Cars. The dont paint them. They replace the doors with white doors and later put the black doors back on. They then sell the car and the white doors. If they dont do this now, they should. 4. Mitzner wants Police Cars without Lights and Decals. How do we know to pull over, to safely give them the right of way, if we dont see them coming and what if they want to pull us over? 5. He wants to force non-deputy staff to work calls and respond to calls. 6. Rogers wants to start a citizens academy. They allready have one! 6. Cut costs on jail meals by 50%. By giving more cold meals. That is ILLEGAL!! The Law requires Hot Meals Daily!! 7. Service Charges on Tickets. ILLEGAL!! The Department doesnt set the fine amounts, Legislation does!! The incentive to right a ticket for additional funds should NEVER be controled by the issuing party!!! 8. Reduce the number of large SUVs. A smaller vechicle will not hold up in work related pusuits and responces. They are designed or built for that. A large vechicle is safer to the Deputy because it is a heavier, large barrier for the Deputy to utilize if a PERP attacks them. Most of the Deputies here are rather large. They function just fine. Most cars, to include SUVs get good mileage when using the primary side of the injectors. When the secondaries are utilized, the mileage is decreased. 9. Utilize Federal Grants. You allready did that, Mitzner, Judge Shultz, your family member just embezzeled $30,000,000.oo from the Federal Government and got State matching funds to boot. Then she annexed and personally gained from the Extortion. Federal Grants are ok, but should never be abused. State grants should never be abused. Mitzner, Rogers and Kelly have all abuse City/County/State/Federal Grants and Funds. I never have! 10. Rogers wants to put picturs and bios of the staff on a web-site. Who pays for this useless item? If you want to know about a Deputy, go ask them about who they are and where they are from. Do it face to face, interact. Why not put all citizens on an internet site and give a bio on us all. He doesnt want to give them the option. Lets consider he will do the same to you and I. 11. Website to offer, incoming criminal charges, court docket, etc:. The Department doesnt release court docket now. If you call the dispatcher they dont know the docket. That is court services. Rogers is also refusing to consider taht the inmate court docket is not avaiable to the public for safety reasons. Deputies who transport inmates to court dont want the cohorts of the inmates knowing when they are be moved. 12. Stoppin suspicious vechicles. They do that now!! 13. Updating the 991 system? It got updated and then Jenkins pays for the use of the EMS 911 system to Independence Missouri at $25,000.oo a year out of the Miami County Budget. They drop 500 calls that are 911 calls regularly. 500 people asking for 911 help and they dont even pick up the 911 phone to ask them what they need. 14. Again, spending $30,000.oo on a car to save $500.oo if they paint on? Where is the $25,500.oo per car exspence coming from? 15 cars at $30,000.oo is $450,000.oo. 15. 12 hour shifts are only giving full timers 36 hours of pay. This will demote their pay by 4 hours a week. Plus more Deputies have to be hired to cover the missing hours on the schedule. This brings in more overtime. 16. Updatin the computers on board to do dispatches job? Why fire dispatchers??? 17. Create better relationships with other Law Enforcement Agencies? I refuse to ask or allow the Deputies to degrade themselves and function as trolls and to place demise on the Citizens of this County, by following the corrupt Paola City way!!! 18. Again, chain gangs are ILLEGAL. They also require more Deputies to control the inmates while on the ILLEGAL chain gangs. It also give public access to the inmates. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT HAPPENING!!!!!!!! 19. Mutual Aide responce is in place. You are not getting the Police signed on to take over Rogers. 20. Rogers plans on patroling hisself and giving the citizens a PROFESSIONAL SERVICE!! Without his responding, the citizens dont get a PROFESSIONAL SERVICE?? Bull Shit!!!! Ad/Opinion by: Candidate for Sheriff, Miami County Kansas, Herbert West 3rd, Treasurer Herbert West 3rd, Ad/Opinion. west.herb@yahoo.com HerbertWest3rd.com


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