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7/8/2008 19:10:13
by paolaknowsme

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Once again, Herbert doesn't know what he's talking about

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Look Herbert, you fat fuck. The court docket is in plain view for all the public to see next to the elevators in the court house. So why not see it on the web. And why not give the deputies their due by giving them some recongition. As it is now, the only two you know about are Kelly and Schmidt. Federal and State grants save the Tax Paying citizens money. And show me one thing that Mitzner or Rogers abused them. They were never in a position to do this. And when a new car in purchased the whole car is taken to get painted. There are no extra doors laying around. And as for Rogers saying he is going to patrol the county, I applaud this. Finally a sheriff who will go out and enforce the law and not just sit around in an office. What do you intend to do, sit in the office with your tinfoil hat chanting at the voices in your head. And as for Mitzner's idea to serve more cold meals, your wrong when the law says they have to be served hot meals. As long as the meals meat a certain criteria, it doesn't matter what they are served. Those fucks who are sitting in jail get free meals and air conditioning while I and every other working person have to pay for this. So just the fuck up you dirty fat bastard.

Now try and delete this post you nutcase

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