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7/9/2008 23:19:57
by joe4sheriff

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To those having difficulty with my website.

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I have been told that many people are saying that they have asked me questions on my website but have not received any responses. I will assure you that all questions will be answered. I have also posted all comments on the guestbook page. I have tested the website and found that if you do not leave the security code your question will not go through. Also, I have had many people ask questions but without an email address, I can not respond. Those who left their home address received an answer by mail.

I have seen Mr. West's website and saw some of the concerns of the reason why I left Paola. I left without being forced. I did not agree with the direction the department seemed to be going in. After other factors I felt it was time for me to leave. I did apply with other departments but with so many applicants applying for only one or two spots, one gets lucky to be hired by them. However I was hired part time as a Natural Resource Officer at Hillsdale. I was hired because of my dedication to law enforcement. My decision to run for sheriff was not without alot of thought. However, after receiving several phone calls from current and past law enforcement officers I felt the time was right.

I will be setting up meeting times in the near future so that the citizens of Miami County and come out and meet me. I will also be in the Paola Parade and afterwards I will be answering questions. I hope to see you there.

Thank You

Joseph Rogers, Candidate for Miami County Sheriff


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