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7/9/2008 23:47:54
by Herbert

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6 years of polite listening???????????

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For 6 years I have called the KHP in Topeka. If your stupid ass would read down the posts listed here at wen2k.com you would see some of why. I developed changes to weapons, ammunition, bullet proof vests, fire exstinquisher guns {Cake powder type, tear gas-guns style}, I showed them free websites on street drugs information, medical information sites, martial arts sites, resource sites, etc:.. 6 years of polite listening? Bull Shit!!! The KHP listened to my program and have listened to me on alot over the last 6 years. I just decided to concentrate on my campaign for Sheriff and that is where I am focused right now. Yea I did delete some posts. People or assholes like yourself hide behind computers and throw out stupid comments and feel your so special. If you felt so confident on your beliefs, you would not use pseudo-names. Herbert West III, west.herb@yahoo.com www.HerbertWest3rd.com


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