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7/10/2008 00:07:55
by paolaknowsme

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Still not making sense Herbert

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With every post you do you still aren't making any sense. loosen the tinfoil hat and give your brain a rest. Your super ninja skills still won't win you the election. Why? Your a dumbfuck. You make no sense, you have no plane for the sheriff's department other than to embarrass it with your presence. You even said the reason your running was to get Kelly out of office. Not to better the community. Not to reduce crime. But to get kelly out of office. You yourself are a crook, a liar and a plain nut job. No one ever heard of you until last year when the mental hospital let you out. I have seen you around town and people laugh at you when you walk by. And all that land you say you walk around is only a small driveway south of Paola. Just turn around when you walk by and see all the people laughing at you. Your a joke. DId you ever take care of that warrant fatass.

Vote Herbert West Miami County Nutcase


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