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7/10/2008 01:12:04
by Miami County Citizen

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My son was arrested and Kelly's wasn't

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It's about time that someone said something about our current sheriff. A couple of years ago my son and his oldest were at a party. Yes they were drinking underage but what happened later is why i'm posting for the first time. While at this party, the sheriff's department showed and broke up the party. However, Kelly's boy was told to leave by a very heavy set sergeant. But my boy was arrested for drinking underage. Now Kelly has stated he committed to safe communities. I guess when his kids are involved, there are other committments he is dedicated to. Now his son works for Louisburg PD. I have met both Rogers and Mitzner before and I have to say they are very nice guys. But I will not vote for Kelly because he believes there are laws for us and laws for him.


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