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7/10/2008 16:23:58
by Miami County Citizen

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I agree that kelly needs to be ousted from office. However, I have asked Rogers on his website and he also intends on making the road deputies handle more of their cases. I think Rogers and Mitzner have great ideas. I have spoken to some current and former Paola PD officers and they said Rogers was very aggressive in his law enforcement. They said he had one goal when he came to work and that was to make sure the city was patrolled. Rogers said he did not like the fact that the Paola PD did not allow officers to handle their cases. But like Rogers, I have heard Mitzner is very dedicated to changing the way the deputies are trained and handle their cases. So I think I will have to think it over when August 5th comes. As for my son, he works hard and hasn't been arrested for anything since that night. But he also said that the reason Paola, Spring Hill and Osawatomie didn't hire Matt is because they know what type of person he is. Anderson is new to the county and hasn't had the pleasure of dealing with Matt yet. But I believe if a new sheriff is put into officer, Matt with get caught at some underage party and then Anderson will see who he hired.


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