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7/12/2008 18:28:58
by deputieswife

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Did I hit a nerve......

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Oh how funny!! You know if Cleveland is campaigning for Mitzner he might want to quit telling everyone that he is his campaign manager.......just saying. Did I hit a nerve? You might want to tell Mitzner to start campaigning with the people that could potentially work for him. I find it extremely hard to believe you are a "MISO Deputy" HA! Keith Cleveland's reputation is one that is circulating around a lot of people that have worked with him-why don't you ask some that worked with him in Louisburg? I just don't know why Mitzner would want to associate himself with someone of his reputation. Oh, by the way......why wouldn't Mitzner post on this site-there are a lot of people that read it and want to know answers. That way.......EVERYONE CAN SEE his answers. Have a good day Keith.


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