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7/12/2008 21:48:34
by Speaker

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Fact -vs- Lie, MI CO KS SO

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As we are all aware, these sites such as this one ... allow a person to hide their own identity, speak maliously about others and not have to be held accountable for what they say. Actions of a coward. It is unfortunate that our society and political standards have become so low that it is the norm to do this sort of rediculious behavior. I will assume that all those engaging are adults, even if their actions are juvenile. Such conduct truely does not solve anything, nothing is gained from it nor is the situation of bad government / leadership and practices corrected. Mud slinging, name calling and character assination is all a waste of time. The adverse unsubstaniated comments by those about another tell more about the speaker than the person being attacked. Those speaking about the alledged doings of another attempt to protray themselves as someone creditable, someone to be reckoned with, someone without any fault or history of their own, who is above having made a mistake, exercised less than good judgement and/or is the only person in this world that can say he or she is not a sinner of any kind. We all know the truth about what life throws at us, we all know that talk is cheap and gossip is even worse. Attemptiong to hold any person responsible based on being "guilty by gossip" is an act that is absolutely unacceptable.I will not attack anyone here, I will not point the finger at any person, I will not degrade another humanbeing in hopes of making a point or to help anyone get elected to public office or on the other hand attempt to keep someone from being elected. There are too many real issues to be addressed and no time to be spent on he said -she said lies. I would encourage all persons to re evaluate their own conduct on this site, other sites, personal conversations, other medias and means of influence and elect to take the high road in future communications. It's a sign of true character. Everyone is capable of failing at sometime in their life, it's NOT the failure that speaks volumns about the true character of any person but the manner inwhich he or she deals with the aftermath of the failure. Wouldn't we all like to have a second chance in life after screwing up along the way? I salute those who have been attacked, slandered and defamed and have already choosen NOT to respond in like. The rest of you should accept some shame for being the type of person you have become in life. Your words say much more about you than anyone else.


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