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7/24/2008 10:08:23
by orion31

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Miami County Parade

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I have sat back and read everyone's submissions and received some good laughs. But last night proved my point, so I have to post.

First off, Herbert, you are an absolute idiot. You sit in your van with the windows up and drive. NO public contact what so ever. And you hand written political signs. You're a Loser!

Then you have ol' Mitzner. I sat relatively close to the sheriff's office. As he is getting closer, he hollers at his campaign helper ahead of him and says "lets trade sides". He was walking on the right side of the truck (which would put him walking right up next to all the sheriffs department employees sitting out front of the sheriff's office). Hello, those are his potential "employees" if he was to be voted into office. WHY COULDN'T HE FACE THEM? If he was to be voted into office, and a problem was to arise, what would he do, run and hide? Just like he did last night? Or is it the fact that the guy that was on the other side that he traded with was an ex sheriff's deputy for the county, and he thought he would get a punch in? That is CRAP on both parts. He should have been the one walking that side. If he truly wants that office, he should be trying to impress the present employees. Because if he is going to run and hide during a measly parade, he has proven himself to be a true coward.

All I seen of Joe Rogers was a truck with his campaign sign on it with children throwing candy. Never did see him, but at that point I wasn't paying much attention to the politcal aspect of the parade. Because I didn't fell the need to be disappointed anymore.

If you are going to run for office, you MUST make a good impression on everyone, if you expect to receive votes. And of course, WATCH what you say when you are in a PUBLIC parade. Hundreds of people are watching and listening at ALL TIMES!


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