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8/4/2008 21:02:21
by Herbert

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Lets look at the individual win loose ratios or stats of opinion.

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1. Kelly, 4 more years of Sexual Predators living with us and not being forced by law to register. Pasture parties with your daughters and sons and you cannot say anything because you are responsible because you voted for him. His kids can force sex upon yours because you voted to sell your babies. He getss $66,300.oo a year for 4 more years to watch the Chiefs, Royals and juvinile ass get fucked in Missouri Parties because you voted for him, again. 4 more years of refusals to investigate missing persons, rapes, child molestations, and assaults on those stupid enough to challenge his glorious ass.
2. Mitzner, 4 years of every individual carring a gun, per his opinions stated at the forum meeting. 4 years of bullet justice. 4 years of bullet hole reports. 4 years of a child molester as his choice for Under-Sheriff. 4 years waiting to be re-hired if he looses his reelection bid. 4 years of wondering where the current deputies went after he replaced them all. 4 years of the janitor responding to calls to save money. 4 years of refusing to stabalize an EMS because he doesnt want to piss off the County Commissioners and we cannot say so because we voted for his lazy, lying ass. 4 years of his buddies fucking us instead of Kellys.
3. Rogers, 4 years of Spring Hill taking over the county. 4 years of Pro-Active harrassment and City Pig Bull Shit. 4 years of our budget going to the cities. 4 years of him doing what Kelly does, he wants the glory for all things and demands zero grief. He wants the deputies to eat shit so he can also party in Johnson County, where he lives. He wants to support the cities Police Departments. His wife gets what, at our expence?
4. West, 4 years of learning together. 4 years of teamwork, community committment, and involvement. 4 years of common sence. Fresh, untainted ideals. Commoner in nature. Remember where I cam from without leaving. I will be a Paramedic again before the General Election. I will be pushing for the EMS to be Masnaged by the Sheriffs Office if and/or when I am Elected. I will demand the stolen $25,000.oo a year be returned to us. I will be hiring more Deputies. I will have at least 1 Under-Sheriff Shift Supervisor per shift 24/7/365. I wont steal your land and profit from it. I wont fuck your children. I wont fuck you. I will demand and set up a 30 day minimum drug treatment center in the county. I will demand all taxes be met and dead beats held accountable. I will be looking to assist the other departments in the county and mutualy share some resources to accomplish community saftey and goals.
I do cuss, but look at the forms of venting we have now, missing people, stolen land, drugs, beatings, loss of moral, bribe taking Judges, bedroom patroled city cops, higher taxes, More where less is supposed to be and less where more is supposed to be. Lost tax revenue thru Annexations of Personal Agenda. I should not cuss, of course. People just want to look around them and see the grief and danger we and our neighbors are in. I have said this befors, if all the employees walk off the job and leave any of the 4 of us as Candidates for Sheriff, not 1 of us can do jack shit. The candidate for Sheriff you choose, must be able to put themselves aside and ask the Deputies and the Community what they feel and want fixed. They need to listen with their ears and facilitate whatever is told to them. All if not the greatest majority of my platform involves teamwork, community and government. Why only get involved every 4 years at an election? Over the next 3 months, work with me, communicate with me and lets get some goals met. I have decide to file a law suit on some of the employees of the city and the county. I am not filing on the city and county itself. I am not filing on you, the people for the people. Kellys track record speaks for itself, Mitzners is vauge and timid other than arm everyone. I was threatned withh a threat of being shot twice. I did not run out and buy a gun. I called the Sheriffs Office, Elections Office, the KBI, the Highway Patrol and e-mailed the media. I utilized the system to do its job. What employees do you see coming in do you feel will do a better job than the majority of the staff e have now? Why have these individuals not been hre before? Just curious. I realize I dont have Law Enforcement experience. I do have people experience and an openmind. It is closed to alot, yet, open to quite abit. I hope to be elected a teamplayer and I hope to accomplish helping the current staff and their families and you, by being a teamwork Sheriff. Win Loose or Draw, I can not loose. I have been able to state my opinions and will be doing this for 3 more months. I have stated things against kelly all along. Others have backed this up and stated their own findings. We have come together as a community. If you agree, vote for me, if not, 1 favor, dont shoot me, just vote. I have done nothing that deserves my being shot, You?? Herbert Werst 3rd, Candidate for Sheriff. Lets learn about and get to know eachother.


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