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8/5/2008 23:55:47
by T Frazier

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Herbert...Guess who?

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I told you I would show my face again once the elections came around and guess who isn't even listed on the Sheriff results of all of the major TV networks? Your head is so far stuck up your butt that you probably didn't even see the "sheriff landslide" coming to pummel you. You know that I have never been a fan of giving criticism from an arrogant viewpoint but did I call this or what. Now what are you going to do with all of your freetime? By the way, due to my recent accomplishments, I received a raise. I told you before that my job is controlled by the taxpayers and thus, they (taxpayers) must have been pleased. So let's see what the score is now....

Herbert - practically doesn't even show up on the balloting results for sheriff according to the major networks....that would be 0 points. Has managed to recruit 3-4 times as many critics than you had before on this website and managed to recruit almost no supporters....I would consider that to be negative points but I will give you 0 points to be nice. Still a PROVEN criminal...-1 (that would definitely be negative points).
T Frazier - Predicts long in advance the Herbert West balloting landslide for sheriff...+1. Not only remain in my position within the county but earn a raise for my performance...+1.

That means that the score would be at least 2 (me) to.....at least -1 but I think I made my point that it should be worse than that.

I truly hope that you take to heart the words of your critics because their words are being proven as truth more and more every day. If you just got over yourself and started making changes in how you present yourself publicly, I think you might still have a chance at being a productive Miami County citizen and earning yourself some public respect.

T Frazier


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