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9/19/2008 10:39:59
by Herbert

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I posted this at www.kansas.com under their Open thread 9/19 section:.. Good morning, I have not posted here in quite awhile. I went to the State and County Candidate Forum meeting last night in Osawatomie Kansas. Treasurer Jenkins, Senator Apple, Representative Feurborn, etc:.. were in attendance. So was I as a Candidate for Sheriff. I suggested the following for budget money. If each family in our county utilized the State and Federal allowable tax deductable donations too the cities and county budget in the amount of $100.oo a year or $8.25 a month we could generate budget funds and tax relief. If 5000 families do this in Miami County Kansas, this would generate $500,000.oo a year in donations specific to where they place the donations to the budgets. Take this amount times the 105 counties in Kansas. That is $10,250,000.oo a year staying in the cities and counties of Kansas for local tax relief and budget revenues! Take that times 50 States. That is an average of $512,500,000.oo a year in local city/county tax relief and local budget revenues. Damn!!! Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Sheriff, Miami County Kansas, www.HerbertWest3rd.com west.herb@yahoo.com


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