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9/21/2008 18:51:31
by Herbert

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Why $2,612,000,000.oo is important and needed!!!!! www.HerbertWest3rd.com , west.herb@yahoo.com

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Why is the $2,612,000,000.oo in city county funds as tax deductable donations important? The cities and counties get these funds at an average of $500,000.oo a county for tax relief and budget. The States and the Federal Government have the right to tell the cities and counties, you all recieved your donations. The States and Federal Governments can now re-appropriate any and all matching State and Federal taxes and funds to match, up to the $2,612,000,000.oo given to the cities and counties. The cities and counties benefit, as does the States. The Federal Government also benefits. The people of each city/county control their tax and budget base locally. They also can see State and Federal relief if the States and Federal Government budget accordingly. This is why this tax deductable opinion is important. Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Sheriff, Miami County Kansas. www.HerbertWest3rd.com west.herb@yahoo.com P.S., I dont get "1" cent from this opinion!!!! Not "1"!!


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