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11/10/2008 21:30:23
by Herbert

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Pissed off in Belton, I was told doesnt even know the Beckfords. Rhonda Beckford told me that herself. Besides, if you took the pictures, posted them come forward asshole. How come Mrs. Beckford doesnt know who you are? Your not, Kara, Matt or Danny. That would leave his shit head brother Kyle. Or any of the other posse dumbasses. I dont see Belton over here in my ass. I dont see anyone in my ass. You seem so bent on tryng to sway people away from the picture. Lets reflect, http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=2550 shows you in the last picture on the far lower left. Are you not currently a Louisburg Cop with Matt your buddy? Just because your in 1 picture doesnt mean you did not take the others.


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